Personal Freedom


What is Personal freedom? Personal freedom for an individual is the ability to openly express their person through all aspects of living; physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. It is a level of individuality that provides a person with the confidence to convey their beliefs through the actions they exhibit and be liberated in spirit to pursue their aspirations.

 With personal freedom, a person is open to manifest an exclusive ambition that is distinct for their person, while utilizing their abilities to maintain it. Every person will find a mission they will be stimulated to accomplish within their life and they wish to be the natural person they are meant to be. Without any restrictions, a person will be comfortable with the privilege of being an authentic individual without any anguish of what others may be thinking or feeling.

 There will always be various ways for a person to practice personal freedom, even ways that may lead to feelings of restriction. All actions will begin with a train of thought guiding towards an experiment to assess. Will I truly wish to continue expressing my person in this manner? Is this the type of situation I wish to place my person? Do I find this circumstance a battle to deal with? Despite the answers that one will come up with for their person, there will never be an answer that can fully be shared with another because every individual alive will have a distinct set of experiences, motivations and limitations.

 Personal freedom encompasses the reality of who we are, who we have been and, at the same time, accepts and works with who we wish to be in life. It is an individual characteristic that sustains our core person and grants us the liberty of being the person that we want and should be.




What is empowerment and what can it mean to a person?

I believe that empowerment is a personal journey to assist in character development, the path to individuality. To begin the journey of empowerment, an individual will thirst to recognize an encouragement that inspires a curiosity within to aspire more experience. A strong motivation will lead to the tenure of continuous interest in the journey chosen to pursue.

At the start of the journey, encountered experiences will awaken uncertainty to expand the range of perspective for new possibilities. Everyone commences in an unresolved state, it will be their responsibility to identify a base motivation to permit their development to continue. When the determination to pursue is established, a wide range of opportunities are awakened to help decipher the desired direction of development.

Acceptance of experience consents to the conditions that are associated and offers the practice of refining given abilities and enhancing them for further possibilities. As discoveries continuously evolve, a personal courage must be initiated to persevere through the controversy of life. Endless admission and recognition of experience is required to acknowledge progress and enlightens the ownership to comprehend the efforts placed.

On the path to empowerment, it is an individual responsibility to mandate accomplishment. There can be no other person who will have a full comprehension of the desired achievement. Without personal dedication, direction will easily be modified and personal intentions will get doubted.  Consistent reflection on changes and desired direction will instill focus and realization.

Despite a need for focus, the process to initiate empowerment requires serious concentration and enthusiasm for the journey. An enthusiastic persistence demonstrates both a commitment and a personal connection with the journey that leads to further curiosity and the potential to succeed. When the mindset for success is accomplished, the desired goal is clarified and produces the energy to persevere the journey and sustains the adversity life offers.

When the accomplishment is complete, individual time to reflect on the journey is needed to fortify the memory of the journey. Time of celebration to internalize the situation will launch acknowledgement into its needed place and commence a core confidence that represents the experiences from the desired Journey.


Follow Your Motivation to Encounter More Realization


“When we allow ourselves to be free to follow our motivation, we will be able to encounter our needed personal realization.” – Astrid Hardjana-Large


Every person discovers a motivation that gives them incentive to follow their dreams. It may begin with a small thought within the mind but with allowance to pursue the aspirations, we are welcoming a brand-new adventure of self-discovery.

What is motivation? And why does it mysteriously appear to us? Motivation is derived from our personal instincts, this explains why everyone possesses a unique motivation and why motives appear spontaneously. Every person has a unique purpose in life and their gifts are called upon when the moment is meant for them. Whenever an opportunity arises, it is a personal obligation to decide what to do with it.

With acceptance, a person chooses to start a new chapter of discovery. Every endeavor into uncertainty is made to explore a newfound recognition of your present person. All unresolved circumstances are challenges to enhance your abilities. Life never offers a person something they would not be able to handle, hardships are presented to provoke existing abilities that haven’t been applied.

Reminisce upon your past person, strive towards your future person and acknowledge that your present person yearns to advance. Approve of your fate with confidence that belief in your person exists, it is solely an individual’s authority to decipher the direction their discoveries will lead. Enjoy your reality and awaken the person you are meant to be right now.

The Fears That You Hold

The only hindrance upon your person are the fears that you hold 

For you’ll never realize the possibilities until you allow them to unfold

Every moment of fear offers to enlighten 

Follow through with courage and life will slowly brighten 


The only obstacle to face are the doubts that you feed

It is all up to you what results you wish to breed

Accept it all as ways to be educated 

Slowly, purpose for you will be indicated 

Up to us to Adhere and Be

It’s not as grand as we’d like to hear

But it’s not as small as we’d like to fear

It’s all right there for us to see

It’s up to us to adhere and be


Don’t aspire to be so loud

But don’t desire to hide behind a shroud

Explore it all to get your taste

You can do it and it’s all allowed


Enjoy and learn as it all appears

Take some time to just smile and cheer


It’s up to us to adhere and be


Your Inner Conviction, Your Personal Distinction

“There is great importance in recognizing your inner conviction; it is the knowledge, in all circumstances, of your personal distinction.”

 Within the Journey of Life, every person explores to determine their individuality. Everyone is provided with a vast assortment of ideas and examples to evaluate. Not every option will be captivating but every opportunity chosen to investigate awakens discovery. Each expedition encountered inclines an individual with freedom to advance and challenges them to practice the knowledge they have obtained.

Curiosity is a beneficial trait to possess when entering a stage of self-discovery. It is motivation for continuance, fueling minds with questions that require answers. Despite experiences that assert a differing purpose, it is beneficial to maintain an open mind to welcome maturity. Giving curiosity the liberty to verify the actuality leads to comprehension and faith in the journey.

The stages of development are never given to us in a detailed form that reduces exploration, they are presented to us mysteriously to inspire our search. Every endeavor chosen provides training, continuous participation for progression. Even events that appear to be obscure may bear a mystical function integrated with our individual development.

The passage to individuality will never include a defined conclusion if an individual perpetually strives to grow. Recognition of an inner conviction will establish a distinction of personality. Through constant practice and personal acknowledgement, an individual characteristic is developed and memorable as a unique, defining feature.

Chances to Start Anew

Many things to look back upon

And the chances to start anew

So many ways to look upon

And only specific ways we want true


Many options from which to choose

Which is right for us to follow?

We cannot predict what will come

We can only follow our instincts now


In the many things life throws our ways

To make us live, laugh and learn

Choose to stick to your wanted ways

And in your life, you shall get to earn