No One Knows

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash
Creativity shines when life's a bore
Time to branch out, grow anew from the stalk
Don't deter from the scents through your nose
Work with all that life offers as stock
Set free your spirit that's wild as a boar,
Follow where it goes, no one ever knows!

 Do not struggle to be the one that knows,
If you knew everything, life is a bore.
No need to get as rough as a wild boar,
Return to your roots, be a unique stalk
Take all that surrounds you into your stock,
Be led by your senses, even by your nose.

When you are feeling tickled by your nose,
Embrace the unknown until your heart knows.
Be aware of all you possess in stock,
Never ignore yourself when life's a bore.
The core of your person is in your stalk,
Love all, even what appears as a boar.

The wildness in you is a valued boar,
Often guided by senses through the nose.
Many parts are attached to your main stalk,
Mind may not know, but the heart always knows.
When it's quiet and all appears a bore,
Appreciate everything in stock.

Take inventory to know your full stock,
Become aware instead of a wild boar.
There are times when life is a mindless bore,
Change it, be led by your heart, mind and nose.
Don't depend on someone who always knows,
Remember that you are a unique stalk.

Appreciate roots that fed your main stalk,
Without them, you wouldn't have a full stock.
Along the way, there were always don't-knows,
When you were left alone as a wild boar.
There were dirty times, but you kept your nose,
Life isn't determined as a dull bore.

Take care of your stalk, even as a boar,
Appreciate stock that's beyond your nose.
When life's a bore, remember: No One Knows!

Be Grateful for Sight

Photo by Joao Branco on Unsplash

Down the road you rode
Nature's beauty shined to you
Be grateful for sight

I find connection with nature when I take time to appreciate my senses. Sometimes, a small road trip is all I need to see and feel it. I'm grateful to be able to sense nature in many ways.

A Clever Daughter/Dotter

I chose 6 homonyms to make a small paragraph out of. It’s amazing how the story can change when the words are switched.

1st Version: My little girl is a clever dotter. Always intent on being creative, she tests her limits aloud. She enjoys filling her palette and, before her canvas, she uses her pause. What she creates is seen, beauty when she’s bored. Talent in each stroke she drew through.

2nd Version: My little girl is a clever daughter. Always intent on being creative, she tests her limits, allowed. She enjoys filling her palette and, before her canvas, she uses her paws. What she creates is a scene, beauty on her board. Talent in each stroke she threw.

3rd Version: My little girl is a clever daughter. Always intent on being creative aloud. She enjoys filling her space with music from her paws. Her enjoyment is easily seen. She’s an art that can’t be placed on a board. Talent shines when she follows through.

Can a Hole Become Whole?

I’m dedicating the last half of August to work using homonyms. I find that homonyms are fun in making a piece of work sound the same but have a different meaning. Homonyms help me to think outside the box and get creative with meaning.

As an extra challenge, I’ve created a Homophonous poetry form. This is a three-stanza poem where a set of homonyms are used throughout. The first form of the words is used in the first stanza, the second form in the second stanza and a mix of all forms are used in the last stanza stanza.

Photo by Mihai Nițu on Unsplash
Here is my first creation:  

Peek through a hole to discover,
Know-not what may come into your sight.
Fill the hole with what you may.
Remain curious, continue to peek.

When you feel whole, you have reached your peak,
Take time to review the many sites passed.
To become whole, you've gathered much.
Don't remain in your peak, explore more sites 

In which way can a hole become whole?
How many peeks will it take to reach my peak?
After all the sites, will my values remain in sight?

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