Is it for Them or is it for Me?

There are many great amazements to encounter in our lives and many may take place as perfection within our minds; we are consumed with excitement and we wish to share with the world but is it truly possible to have everyone follow our path to accomplish the same achievement? When we express our advice to the people around us, are we doing it for them or are we doing it for our person? Wherever our intentions lie, purpose still exists as long as we find control over the force we exhibit to the people we wish to assist.

Opportunity awaits us all in every new circumstance that life offers. We each have a calling that we wish to pursue and we share our perceptions out of care but we can never truly know where the person we care for is being called to within their lives. The perceptions that we have may provide a resource for the person that we are but they may not hold the same potential for another individual that retains a different set of capabilities and experiences. It will always be wise to share our knowledge but it would be best achieved when we perform without any expectation for a separate individual to comply.

Contribute your wisdom to the maturing recipients around you and allow them to experiment with what is best for their person. Every new perspective is a new piece of information to reflect and acknowledge upon for the Journey of Life. Regardless of how your insight may be recognized, when you share you are granting a new opportunity for advancement within another individual to concede.

Go forth and share your wisdom with all that you meet. It may not all be accepted right away but we never know what that seed of knowledge will mean to another upon their Journey of Life.



Beauty is not only an outer look to maintain

It is, within a person, a valuable quality

It is not just a look to copy off another

Beauty is a treasured part of one’s personality


Beauty is found within a person

And from the outside it can be viewed

In a world full of action and competition

To another it can feel anew


It is important to stay true to yourself

And with that you shall shine to another

Truth is a fortifying asset to beauty

Action can speak loudly to others


Through kindness beauty can be demonstrated

Though by another not always understood

With good intention beauty shall speak out

And with time beauty will be what it should


Beautiful is what a person should want to be

Both inside and out

Beauty, a quality to be cared for

A quality within us that should shout

Journey of Life

Upon a journey that lasts many years 

We would not survive without the smiles that appear 

Within each day there is something new to comprehend 

And every new experience can become a friend 


With every interruption a new door will unlock

Present itself as a path or unwanted block 

Determine within you what you wish to perceive 

It will be your choice what you decide to believe 

Stop Asking Why, Just Give It a Try

“We can always do things we put our mind to and sometimes it doesn’t even matter why; it only matters that we give it a try.” – Astrid Hardjana-Large

We are all told that our minds have the power to do great things and believing in this can be a tremendous challenge. We want to know the core meaning of this. Our sense of security depends on the answers because we want to know what we are getting ourselves into but in the end, knowing will not be of primary importance in our lives; getting to know through experience will be the greatest gift to receive in life. The questions can be put to rest because the main priority for living is experiencing. Through each opportunity to experience, we will be gaining new knowledge of our person and our environment to acquire the necessary skills for our survival.

Every new experience in life will awaken an awareness to the things that we do not yet recognize and taunt our sense of security. Many questions will arise to flare our doubts but it is the responsibility of our person to decide which thoughts to keep within our minds. When we choose to concentrate on our questions, we are opting to deny ourselves the freedom to explore our abilities and limiting our growth. When we accept the chance to learn, we are favoring the possibility of developing as a person and acknowledging the power we have been informed of.

When life comes to a halt, what would we like to remember? Would we enjoy the memories of discovering the abilities we did not know existed? Or would we prefer to relive moments of stressful doubt? Choose not to concentrate on what you are unable to do, include your individual precautions and focus your energy on the many lessons that are being offered to help you to evolve into the person you are meant to be. Go forth and live your lives fully, accepting all opportunities that life is entrusting in you.



F amiliar unit of care

A ccepting in adverse circumstances

M aintenance of a loving bond

I ntegration of individual spirits belonging to a whole

L uminous amity among various generations

Y ielding a strong, affectionate foundation for life


A family is a unit of different people that provide a lot of love and care for each other. In the adverse circumstances that life will provide, they are accepting with unconditional love that offers the power needed for the maintenance of a strong contiguous bond. A family is an integration of various individual spirits that share a common loyalty and radiate love together as a whole.

Without any Order or Precision

Without any order or precision

You are still responsible to make a decision

It will be your wanted choice

And it should be one that makes you rejoice


Without a plan that is definite

The opportunities to discover are infinite

What in life do you wish to apprehend?

What are you willing to do to comprehend?


The thoughts you have may all be plausible

But do you really want them all to be possible?

Choose for you what is most compatible

The choice that will be least comparable



T ranquil union

O mnipotent for all participants

G athering of congruent spirits

E verlasting correlation

T rouble free accordance

H armonious blend

E mphasizing love and friendship

R adiating stability


When one is together, with their own person or with another, they possess a tranquil union that is beneficial to all participants.  It is a gathering of agreeing spirits that have built a relationship that is everlasting. Togetherness offers a trouble free accordance and presents a harmonious blend that will place emphasis on the value of love and friendship. Being together will radiate a balanced stability that is an inspiration and blessing to this world.