Outcomes of Life

Sheep On a Road

The outcomes of life can be a shock

And sometimes we have to be as hard as a rock

We may need time to take it all in stock

But we should never decide to just follow the flock


On what path would our life choose to lead?

And on what information should we choose to feed?

What from it all should we choose to take in?

Let’s accept them all in and treat them as good life deeds.


Personal Instincts

We all have a set of personal instincts

Which to our life is distinct

We have to get to know what we control

And then from there, set out our goals


Many will come to care for us and advise

But listen to you and revise

You are the one to know yourself best

Never depend on all the rest


It may be a scare to start something brand new

You will know when it’s just for you

We receive messages to help guide us

We should choose what abides with us


We all have a set of life lessons to learn

And, with each lesson, we will earn

Take part in your personal decisions

Never fear placing revisions


H umble truths
O pen and welcoming spirit
N ourishing influence
E ternal possibilties
S upportive virtue
T rust worthy
Y ielded in the act of love


Honesty presents respectful truths with an open and welcoming spirit. It is a nourishing influence upon our relationships. Without the worry of deceit, honesty brings forth eternal possibilities for a person. Honesty is a virtue a person possesses that will contribute tremendous support within their relationships as it reflects that your person can be regarded as trust worthy. Honesty, with the self and with others, is yielded in the act of love.

It Isn’t Perfection that Makes It True, Its All in the Efforts Contributed by You

“Perfection is not what makes it true, it is all within the efforts contributed by you.” 

A desired dream will always develop a level of perfection within a person’s mind. Continuous focus on the perfection will lead to the deception of ease and luxury. Despite the ideal image a person may be able to create within their mind, the perfection imagined will never be what is true without an effort to accomplish it. When the goal is reached and the person looks back upon their experience, it will be the memory of all the attempts committed to the goal that will be realized and cause the dream to be solid and sincere.

At the start of the journey, the dream appears like an illusion that has been illogically perceived. There may be times when ambitions are shared and the reactions received trigger a doubt within our person. We are each but one person in this large world of many people. How are we to believe that we know what is best for our self? How are we to find out that the images we have conceived are plausible? Would we ever find out if we never chose to follow our instincts? Would another person truly ever be able to tell us what will feel authentic for our person? Beyond the questions, doubtful feelings and experience of fear, deep within our own person we know the answers and we know what we truly want to do for our person.

As our responses get acknowledged and our wanted goals develop, we will become more self- assured to follow and discover the person we are meant to be. When a person forms a trust between their desires and their personal instincts, they will feel more open to experiment with their capabilities and discover the mysterious abilities that they have formed without their conscious recognition.

As the journey progresses, a person will be oblivious to the many gifts they are receiving when they allow their concentration to remain on their wanted image of perfection.  A person’s outlined perception may not follow through as imagined but, for every imperfect struggle that they pursue, they are still earning an experience from which they may prosper from. The experience may not feel magnificent within the wanted moment but it is not within a person’s control to always know when that experience will prevail within their journey.

Allow your person to remain open to the imperfections your life is willing to provide. An experience that feels impossible may occur right now but, you have the choice to remain confident that in every experience you embrace, a new resource for your Journey of Life has been administered for your benefit. Enjoy all your experiences and appreciate that with every new experience you are being granted the opportunity to try everything. Live well and acknowledge that perfection is not what will make it true; it is all within the efforts contributed by you.


R egards for others

E xpression of love

S timulation of friendship

P ositive actions

E nforcing esteem

C onsideration to all

T houghtful relation to another



To show respect is to have a regard for another while expressing the gift of love. Respect stimulates friendship and positive actions while enforcing the esteem with those whom we communicate. Respect towards another is thoughtful consideration and relation that helps to build a strong foundation for friendship.

Drawn in Many Directions, but Who Will We Be at an Intersection?

“We are all being drawn in so many directions but our person reflects in what we choose when we meet an intersection.”

There will always be an assortment of events for a person to experience throughout their life but it will be in the moment when they choose what to do when their person is articulated to the people that surround them. Life will offer an abundant supply of possibilities that may not be easily attainable for every person but when a person is aware that it is their chosen passion; it will be feasible to create an accomplishment, no matter the influences that may distract.

Regardless the diversions that may arouse incongruous aspirations, the decision on which direction to follow will reflect where that person feels they need to be. Opinions from another person may impact their thought but when a choice needs to be made, it will always be up to their person to decide.

Follow what feels right deep in the heart. Listen to the instincts that conveys personal desires and is aware of potential. Avoid the doubts that speak with question and awaken fears; have faith that whatever the selection, life is offering an opportunity to discover what a person may want to know and without their choice to follow, their chance will be lost.

It is the responsibility of each and every person to continuously explore the Maze of Life.  To maintain their ambitions and follow the directions that offer them a new discovery. Moments of bewilderment will be encountered and those are the times to be confident that a full life is being attempted by their person.