Joy of Independence

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash
To love life requires much resilience,
With an inner force and perseverance.
An endless journey searching for intelligence,
Success is in the choice for continuance.
Only one will feel assurance,
As they venture towards independence.

It's a dream to possess independence,
An ambiguous gift obtained with resilience.
The adventure begins without assurance,
Requiring the will of perseverance,
Treasures are found with continuance,
Exploring the unknown and gathering intelligence.

Adversity can't be avoided with intelligence,
Though resourceful for independence.
It awakens doubt for continuance,
While building faith in one's inner resilience.
Many gifts are gathered with perseverance,
Creating an eventual sense of assurance.

Let the drive be an assurance,
Even when commencing without intelligence.
There's always the choice for perseverance,
The test of will to accomplish independence.
Have faith in life's resilience,
Remove the fears that prevent continuance.

Only one can decide for continuance
And look to no other for assurance.
Survival requires constant resilience,
With desire for profound intelligence.
The joy of Independence,
A treasure acquired with perseverance.

Be driven with perseverance,
Strive forward for continuance.
Seize the dream of independence,
Make memories proof of assurance.
Continue growing with intelligence,
Trust in the success of resilience.

Strive with perseverance to build assurance,
Permit continuance and continue growing with intelligence,
Test life's resilience to succeed with the joy of independence.

Go Hard and Slow: Spoken Word

Photo by Pablò on Unsplash
Queasy patience! Take hold of the reigns!
Understand true value of time!
Increased speed won't increase treasures!
Concentrate and allow life to chime,
Kick back and work in a wanted way.
Quick and easy doesn't mean life's good
Go hard and slow with control

The Joy of Living: Spoken Word

Failure is not the opposite of, it is a part of success.
Fear not the unexpected,
Be open to all that emerges,
Every occurrence deserves to be accepted.
~Failure is not the opposite of, it is a part of success ~
Growth needs to be respected,
Life offers in surprising splurges,
Mistakes further life's value, please inspect it.
Failure is not the opposite of, it is a part of success,
The joy of living should not cause duress.
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