What will we do when we reach perfection?

Every person is striving towards an image that they have created of what perfection will be for their person. What is perfection? How does it have the power to motivate us? What will we be striving towards when perfection is reached?
What is your personal perception of what perfection will be? How has it been a motivation for you? When your goal is reached, what ambition will you be ready to venture towards next?
The truth is that there is no such thing as perfection. Within a world that consists of so many people that each have unique abilities and have acquired an individual set of experiences; the image of perfection is simply a personal vision that serves as a motivation to continually progress within our lives. There will be many aspects of perfect that we will consider and unforeseen prospects that we may acknowledge in an unexpected moment. A person’s perfection will continue to evolve with their person and continuously give them reason to develop and change the person they have been.
Don’t focus too much on your perception of what is perfect, remember to enjoy the opportunities that it presents to allow you to grow. Life is continual and consistently reveals access to procedures that you will be unaccustomed to. Accept your capabilities and acknowledge the person you can be. Whether you reach perfect or you remain imperfect; allow yourself continuous growth to be the special contribution you are meant to be.

You’re Not Them and They’re Not You

Nobody ever wants to feel alone or discover an inability to connect with the people around them. Every person will have their own perception of what would make them happy and how they think others should respond. No matter the level of concentration that a person places into how to get that response, a person will never be ensured to receive the reaction they anticipated.

Sometimes questions will arise after the disappointment. How could they not know that I wanted them to have this response? How could they have responded that way? Shouldn’t they have known that I did this for them? A person may choose to ask these questions in many ways and at many times but there is only one truth that will remain and be the answer. You are not them and they are not you. There is no real way of predicting how another person will react in that moment. The only thing a person can do is try their best and hope that the right time was chosen to enliven understanding.

When will the right time be? A person will never have full control over life to know exactly when that perfect moment will be but if a person chooses to just think about the idea and wait, they may be completely deprived of their opportunity. Even if it is not meant to be, how would a person know if they don’t try?  Accept your challenge and give it your best attempt. Life will not be able to be regulated by a person’s desire but, with positive intentions behind our actions, why would we need to require the perfect reaction?

As an individual, we will never possess the power to predict how another will be feeling or how they may need to respond but we will always have the competence to maintain our person and choose the actions that pertain to the person that we want to be. We will never be another and they will never be our person but we can all exist together united by an open and loving understanding that we are each unique.

The Innocence of Not Knowing

The innocence of not knowing

Keeps the spirit of genuine care flowing

For when we know the force to desire

We acknowledge the process to acquire


We may not all recognize it

But innocence is conveyed in us all

The moments when we try our very best

When we proceed without a full manifest


Bestow upon your natural innocence

Accept your gift of a new experience

Advance towards your wanted ambition

Participate for your wanted rendition

The Role of a Caregiver

The role a caregiver offers

Perseveres amidst uncertainty

As one will work for what is sufficient

But the outcomes may appear inefficient


The attempts will come from the heart

Though for a goal meant for another

Actions have to conform

While maintaining values that inform


Providing strength and support

In a journey of guidance

Each case is exclusive

Exposing ordeals that may be intrusive


A Caregiver has true dedication

With unconditional love

A comforting pleasure

That becomes a respected treasure

Honest Self-Recognition

To maximize your actions while downgrading another person is not an honest way of admitting your person. It is a way of being caught within your emotions and not recognizing the lies you have created for your person. Concentration upon your successes while neglecting the realities of life will never assist to bring you farther in life, it will only be the cause for you to remain exactly where you are.

One of the greatest things to acknowledge in life is the fact that every individual person will have good and bad qualities and they will each encounter good and bad moments. They will each remain a unique individual with a special contribution for this world. Contempt towards another is only a sign of your personal weakness and only plays to assist you to delve in your ego and inflict disapproval on another. There will always a reason why we are bothered by another but it is not always our objective to demonstrate a spiteful person to the people that surround us. It is our personal responsibility to come to terms with what exasperates us and rediscover the person we wish to be. To feed our negative outlook and choosing to abide by them, will only cause you to lose the person you are and the values that are significant to you.

Recognize all the characteristics that are within you. The bad, the good, the disastrous, the prosperous, the weak and the strong. They are all there and you will reflect a different feeling towards each trait. No matter how small you may feel today, you will always have the ability to believe in yourself and allow yourself to grow so you can do more things. Never just belittle another person or assist them to believe in the worst; recognize the greater person within yourself and manifest the importance of admitting the good in each and every person, no matter the circumstances life presents you.

Assist by Resisting

“In many ways we wish to assist; but, sometimes, we just have to resist.” -Astrid Hardjana-Large

Within the many experience in life, we will have moments when we wish to help another person to reach their excellence but we have to realize that the best way to be a help is by stepping back and allowing it to happen. This is the greatest and most difficult lesson for a parent to learn.

As a parent, we care deeply for our children and we wish for them to get the most out of their lives. We are unable to predict where life will be taking them but we wish to help them to build their abilities so that they may survive. We watch our children contributing their best efforts to complete their homework and sometimes we wish to give them the answers so that they may complete their work with perfection but we have to remember that if we did their work for them, they would not be gaining the experience of learning.

We may wish to be a help to another for them to find true happiness but we have to remember that the journey belongs to the person and it is within their control. Sometimes the greatest assistance to provide is the support to allow the other person to be who they were meant to be.