Begin With You and Make It True

“Love cannot truly feel true until you have found the ability to love you.” -Astrid Hardjana-Large

When a strong conviction has been implanted in our minds, there will be nothing to alter our belief except our choice to amend the sentiment. Sometimes various people will tell us how valuable we are to them but due to our fear to acknowledge the gifts we possess, we assume that the words are empty and untrue.

When we each begin our journey, we are guided by a caregiver that is the source of our beliefs and a support as we venture into our personal adventures. As we discover our person and distinguish our person, we develop our ability to recognize and appreciate our person. When personal recognition does not pertain to a person then acceptance from another will be diverted. Until we feel open to approve of the beautiful person that we are, there is nothing that we will hear that will feel legitimate.

Please feel free to recognize the powers that you own and appreciate the gift that you are within this world. Without the love that emanates from your person, acceptance will perish and you will be succumbing to your fears. Find your courage and acknowledge your person. It will begin with you and develop into a mutual agreement among the many friends you get acquainted with.

Share Your Care

As much as you know that the love is there

You are still responsible for your personal care

Full understanding cannot be expected

And your hardships have to be accepted


It isn’t something that cannot be understood

This is something that needs your attention and should

Fear not the outcomes of this new trail

See it through and you shall prevail


There is nothing that you can’t see through

Even moments that repeat and want to be accepted as new

You already know that love is there

Just remember to share your care



E nthusiastic response

N eutralizing a variety of thoughts

J ustifying perspective

O btain pleasure

Y outhful satisfaction

M eaningful indulgence

E verlasting contentment

N onchalant balance

T ranquilizing felicity


An expression of enjoyment is an enthusiastic response that is able to neutralize the variety of thoughts a person can have into a justifying perspective to help one to obtain some pleasure and youthful satisfaction. Enjoyment is a meaningful indulgence for a person’s life and, with memory, it is an everlasting contentment. A moment of enjoyment brings a person to a nonchalant balance of emotions and leaves them with a tranquilizing felicity.

Your Wanted Kingdom

In all that the journey provides

Your personal spirit will always reside

For it is within your person that your desires are known

It is through your actions that your belief is shown


Allow your spirit to be what is true

For this will only be decided by you

Attend to what appears as an honesty

Adhere to your personal integrity


Determine a choice that delves harmony

One to attest as a testimony

Allow your spirit to have freedom

Live within your wanted kingdom

The Truth

Despite the denying thoughts and words

The truth still strongly exists

There is nothing that can be done

To build an armor that can truly resist



May appear as a wanted option

But when we face the truth

It will have only been a deception


Find your courage to face what’s real

Discover your known resolve

Don’t tread among dishonesty

Accept your answers and evolve


The truth holds a strong importance within our lives. There will be times when life feels hard and we wish to avoid it but despite the thoughts and words that we can come up with to deny it, the truth will still exist and there would be no way to avoid it. As a method of avoidance, procrastination is often chosen but when the truth initiates its purpose and becomes apparent, procrastination will have only been a personal deception.

We all need courage to face what is real and we all need to know what we want to be. Don’t choose to remain in a false security to avoid your true self, accept the answers that life offers you and evolve into the person you are meant to be.

Allow Yourself to be Free to Become Who You’re Meant To Be

“Never be a hindrance upon your partner’s growth; it will only become a disruption to you both.”- Astrid Hardjana-Large

There are various ways for each person to learn and grow as an individual. Within a relationship, we will always discover new ways to acquire knowledge individually and mutually for a shared balance. As much as a rapport between two people can have strength, there will always be a highly valued importance for each person to enjoy their individuality freely.

A commitment to be with another person will not determine a responsibility to be at that person’s side at all times or be a follower of that person’s beliefs; it is strictly a spiritual commitment to maintain a loyal friendship that will be loving and supportive in times of need. Regardless the relations we have with another; we will always have the obligation to maintain our true person. When a person’s obligation to the self is limited or expected to become another’s, then growth for that person is prohibited and their sense of self will become lost.

Sometimes we have to let our partners go so that they may get to know their true person and return as the person we remember them to be. Every person living will continually experience growth and rediscovery through the Journey of Life. Never hold onto another person because of the security you feel right now. Allow the people around you to be free to discover so that you may also be provided the needed room to grow. Give yourself and all the people you love the freedom to be the people you were meant to be.



Quaint silence

Unifying environment and soul

Inner peace

Energizing the spirit

Tranquil rest


A moment that is quiet is a time providing a quaint silence that helps us to unify our soul with the environment around us. It brings an inner peace that helps us to energize our spirit and provides us with a tranquil rest.