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When an Action Strikes a Nerve, there is a Purpose that it Serves

“For each of their actions that strikes a nerve, there is a purpose that it serves.”


Within all moments that we are granted to relate with another, we will have time to practice how we should respond when their actions agitate our person. Despite any discomfort the differences of individual perceptions may cause, purpose for our person can still be found within the experience. Initial reactions will never establish a dependable foundation for the concept of the situation, they only serve as feedback that a new awareness beckons to us. Regardless the reactions that will be experienced, it will be within a person’s power to make the distinction of what type of situation it will be.

Within every individual difference, the opportunity to learn something new awakens and remains open to anybody who is willing to adapt. The feelings within us may lead us to reject the freedom to evolve but, through sincere cooperation, a clear interpretation will be attained. The belief that others are there to diminish our self worth is not a substantial truth that deserves our consideration because the world is filled with a variety of individuals possessing diverse forms of help that may appear mysterious to our person.

Every person maintains an individual focus based on their personal ambitions and they will encounter a moment when their attention neglects to recognize what is there for their awareness. These are times when the people around us will be more attentive with the intention to assist us. They will share their observations, cause us to recognize our defaults and it would become our responsibility to admit how we feel and be conscious of the help we are presented. Sometimes a specific person in our lives will indicate our oversights and that should be deemed as their dedication to respect our person.

Enjoy the assortment of gifts that demonstrates love towards your person and openly accept them as opportunities to develop your person. Dismiss the belief that it is offered to humiliate your person and trust that they are additional sources to guide you towards prosperity. Express your appreciation for the care sent your way and recognize that you also have the power to contribute to the people around you. Love purposefully, accept openly and welcome all experiences happily.


resilientTo be resilient is to be resistant to your doubts while choosing to evolve with your life changes. Sustain the originality of your person as you go through the experiences meant for your person while having your personal beliefs remain. Use your abilities to adapt to the new situation and make the choices you want to navigate your experience towards an endless survival within the life that you want.

The Journey You Come to Know Will Be Through the Efforts You Show

“What truly matters is the journey you own; through all your efforts it will be shown.”


Every person is responsible for the outcomes of their life experiences. There will be moments when circumstances are not within their control but the perceptions that a person wishes to maintain will always be determined by their chosen discipline. The Journey of Life will confidently provide an assortment of experiences for a person to observe and measure and it will be when the moments has passed that a person will gain the ability to distinguish which applications they wish to acknowledge and continue to practice.

Within a struggle, the education that life presents creates an overwhelming operation that provides the option of acceptance or refusal. The operation contributes sentiments of insecure agony and awakens a personal ambition that will be executed through the choice of acceptance. Open acceptance to proceed will always be an option that leads to a new opportunity for development.

Compliance to the events that life presents is never viewed as an abandonment of our actual person or current values, it is the choice to adhere to new opportunities offered to our person. With every choice that a person openly accepts, they are recognizing that the process of change is a part of life and respecting their need for additional knowledge. Every new seed gathered amidst the journey will be food to feed our continuous growth.

A person will never have full control over the circumstances of life but they will always have the power to accept the choice to welcome a new awareness for their person. Advancements will always present uncertainty but it will also promise new gifts that we are not yet conscious of. When the journey is over, every person will want the luxury to look back upon the accomplishments they own and the greatest memories to have will be the efforts that they chose to demonstrate. In all situations that life will present to your person, openly accept and place the efforts that you wish to be remembered by. It will be hard in the moment but, in the end, it will be an achievement for you to realize.

Only to Your Thoughts Should You Comply

Their belief may all be there 

But it does not make it fair

Because it will never be their affair 


They cannot see through your eyes

They don’t know your reasons why 

Only to your thoughts should you comply


This is your life to complete 

Want success or a defeat? 

The thoughts of others remain obsolete 


Pick what you want to pursue 

Choose something you want to do 

Enjoy the path that makes you feel true 

For Growth to Show, It Needs Time to Grow


“If you want to have growth to show; you must give it time to grow. ”

 There are various ways for a person to grow, even the choice of acceptance or letting go. Personal growth is never just about the lessons that are handed to a person, it is about what they choose to do with the lessons and how they wish for it to accentuate their person. A strong concentration on a single life event will not guarantee comprehension or enhance its uses for a person. It is up to our person to acknowledge the uses and find a place for it within our person.

With every life lesson, a person will always strive to reach acceptance and all that is needed to reach it is their willingness to give themselves the time and space to internalize the situation. A place of serenity would be beneficial to reflect and allow it all to become a reality. With a tranquil mind, the layers of reality are easily unraveled and become clear to view.

Acceptance occurs when a person recognizes the purpose of a situation and acknowledges its place in their life. The moment may have felt ugly and unbearable but, by being open, the intent of the event will flourish and be recognized. Find a purpose for every event in life and respect the function it offers.

When willing to consent a purpose, a confidence will be built towards the benefits of the occurrence. With this assurance, a positive light will endorse the situation and lift the negativities away. Through acceptance and the sense of purpose, letting go will become easier because it will no longer remain a memory overwhelmed with negative emotion. Letting go is simpler when we have a positive light to depend on.

Despite the goal to accept and let go, time and space will always be needed to nourish the lesson. A person may not come into realization right away but it won’t mean that the gift is lost to them. It will be up to them to nurture their person and find their light. If you want your person to have growth to show, you must be willing to provide yourself room to grow.

What is True

You may accentuate who you are in the many ways you find

But it will never change the real you

It may create a wanted image within your mind

But the image will never evade what is true


Accentuate your person with the abilities you possess

Focus only on what is real

Concentrate on your wanted success

The cycle of life will turn like a wheel


In the world, there are many resources to find to help us to a desired image of our person but, despite our ability to accentuate our person, it is only an image created within our minds and our conceived image is never able to evade our true person, which we express through the actions we make.

It is always a greater decision to affirm our person with the abilities that we possess, a wondrous way to keep our focus on what is real for our person. A concentration on what we wish to strive towards assists to make our dreams more real as we experience the cycle of life. The cycle of life forces us to acknowledge that we will encounter all aspects of life: the good and the bad, the top and the bottom, the successes and the failures, the easy and the hard.

Amidst the journey, among all experiences, your true person will still prevail and a unique and special person you will always be. Live in enjoyment and allow your person to be who you are meant to be.