I Can, I Will and I Shall, Therefore I Trust my Potential

In celebration of the past two years that have trained me to have confident certainty in the possibilities my life offers. I can live without Epilepsy, I will live without Epilepsy and I shall live without Epilepsy in peace. I also trust that I possess the potential to explore further opportunities within my life. All the best to my readers! I believe you all can, you all will and you all shall be the person you want to be=)

Every person will be a witness to the affirmed abundance of challenges that will be faced in life. No matter the status of hardship a challenge will adopt, they are all provided to administer your current capabilities and stimulate the potential you have been oblivious of. It is never a wise decision to surrender your privilege to expand your competence because of your present self. To determine your person based on what was and what is will only deprive you of the evolution qualified to emerge for your person.

I can’t. will never be words to place a solid belief in because it is a way of restricting the new opportunities that are presented to our person. Regardless of the difficulty a challenge may entail, a hopeful focus on the desire to acquire the ability will emanate the conviction of I can and will represent a first step towards the revelation of what can be.

When a self-assured spirit has been initiated, our revelation will further progress to the mindset of I will. With a confident trust in I will, the distraction of all adversity becomes oblivious to the desired achievement to complete. The determination to obtain a new victory converts into the energy required to cultivate the accomplishment.

As the journey towards victory perseveres and evolves, there will be various stages of uncertainty that will assess our goals and send us through a repetitious process to maintain our faith. It will always be within our power to decide, “Yes, I can continue and, yes, I will proceed.”

When the belief of I can and I will have been established, the certitude of I shall will derive from your person and confidence in your potentiality will be a part of you.  Never again would you ever feel obligated to believe in the words of I can’t. Live your lives with independent freedom and believe in all the possibilities of what you can be because it will be up to you to know. Just try to remember to trust in your potential and have patience along the process. You can, you will and you shall.


It Doesn’t Matter Right Now, Your Actions will be Remembered Anyhow

It doesn’t matter that you feel forgotten in the now, your specialty will be remembered anyhow.”

Every person functions based on the thoughts derived in their minds. Purposes are composed and efforts are directed towards the ambitions. In the moment, when we are concentrating on what we want to be, we are likely to overlook the person that we are. Sometimes, we try so hard for a reaction from another and we end up neglecting to recognize the achievements we have already accomplished. Despite the emotions, it never negates the actions we have already performed. Even if we never receive our wanted reactions, we can’t predict what others have perceived. We are strictly responsible for maintaining our person. A component of the care we provide ourselves would be to acknowledge the valuable intentions we have initiated.

Every person should reflect upon their day and ask themselves; Why did I choose to do that today? Even though the incentive was originally directed beyond their person, their actions are prompted by their motives. A person never performs strictly for another; there is always a valued purpose that will inspire the goal to proceed. Motivations are not clearly distinguished by anyone beyond that person but it will remain a part of the person who expresses it because they are most conscious of its purpose.

Never allow your purpose to conform to the desire for approval from a source beyond your person. It will never be declared as a selfish act if your intentions remain honest and true. The choice to defy your person the enjoyment of following your belief will only be a source of discomfort and regret. Even without appreciation from others, there is purpose for everyone’s unique qualities within this world.

What we may not recognize today may develop into a gift to appreciate later. If we remain aware of our intentions and actions, then it is within our right to respect it as a part of our person. Bestow upon your person the justified appraisal you deserve and adhere to the person you are meant to be. We are all watching and all contributions will forever be cherished, even if we don’t know how to respond.




To have balance in life is to have a basic and supportive foundation that assists us to alleviate the extremities that exist. With balance, we are assisted to level our perspective and make an allegiance with reality. It is a natural part of life to explore the extremities and discover our natural point of calm balance. The balance found within our life is a focused that will be cherished for its ability to elevate the diverse Gifts of Life.



Never Allow Easy to Limit the Endless Possibilities

“Never allow ‘easy’ to distort your capabilities; it will only limit your endless possibilities. “

There are times when we get tired of fighting for what we want because the outcome is never ours to control. A path of ease is a temptation that appears to speed up the journey but, without the hard work that ignites our full range of competence, we are diminishing our person and choosing to limit our potential.

By choosing a simple path, the choice to evade new lessons is selected. It remains as a way of maintaining our ability through practice but the opportunity to expand our proficiency is abandoned. We can never control the circumstances life will offer us but, through our resolutions, we are determining the levels of achievement we are going to accomplish.

Even in a situation that feels so overwhelming, the acceptance that it is too much to bear becomes the conviction that your person isn’t worth the efforts that may be required. In a way, giving up is equal to the choice of not loving our self or believing in our person because it prevents us the chance to discover. Without a small attempt to experiment with our power, newfound awareness of our person will be lost. For every opportunity that is presented to our person, it is up to us to determine whether we want to accept or refuse the gift.

Who will be the person to know the dreams you want to acquire? Who will the one to comprehend the details of your dreams? Who will be the one to acknowledge all the capabilities within your mind? It will always be one person and that person is you. You will be the one to know if the journey is worthwhile. You will be the one to realize if the efforts contributed to your dreams. Even if the results don’t appear to align with your desires; within the process of life, you will be the one to realize when alignment has been met.

Never allow a hardship to define your capabilities and never allow easy to evolve into a limitation. For every challenge, you are accepting to develop a new skill. Your persistent effort to pursue your challenge will differentiate the person you are from the person that you were. For every new skill refined, you are unveiling new possibilities your person is capable of conquering. With every acceptance, your possibilities become endless within your life adventure to explore. Never just adhere to what you are dealt, venture out and experience all that you can.



Finding a New Way to Grow

The memories of what I used to do 

How am I to believe that it can still be true? 

I must let go of what used to be 

And try my best to just be me


It isn’t about what I used to know 

It’s all about finding a new way to grow 

I must find something new to trust 

Build the courage to leave my past in the dust 


Happy New Year! Best Wishes to all for a brand-new year of self-discovery and growth =)

Power of Love

The one power that I will always believe in is the Power of Love. It has been my experience that the belief in love and the passion to want to share its gifts brings an abundant supply of care to you in the times of need. Even in the moments when feeling physically unable or emotionally and mentally unstable; love has always been a positive and motivating spirit that has been an encouragement to continuously keep trying despite the challenges that life presents me. Amidst the Journey of Life, I have never viewed myself as unlucky because my ability to express my love has always given me a purpose in this life.

What is the Power of Love? How does a person manifest its existence into their lives? The Power of Love is the positive energy that a person generates through appreciation and open acceptance. Practicing the acknowledgement of all the gifts that life presents develops a contentment that progresses to the understanding of how all life events are inter-related. With recognition of how all occurrences can be respected as beneficial contributions towards personal growth for the Journey of Life, the Power of Love will continuously generate and provide the gratification required to achieve a fulfilling journey.

A single person will always adventure an assortment of experiences that will be exclusive to their person and they are solely responsible for how it is accepted for their person. Within the decision to accept what is, the choice of what type of energy to develop is being made. When positivity is sustained, a person’s capabilities will forever evolve. The opportunities that will be possible to acquire will emerge endlessly.

To find belief in the Power of Love will be a distinct adventure for each person who wishes to attempt the exploration. As rewarding as the accomplishment may sound in the moment, the process promises that a person will explore a diverse range of trials before truly knowing if this is their desired path.

In my experience, the demonstration of Love communicates a natural affinity that creates a comfort for the process of new relationships. With the practice of the Power of Love, I hold the belief that every new encounter in life has a purpose and doesn’t justify any feelings of regret. Disappointment and confusion will still be encountered along the journey but each experience that merits these feelings also functions as a reminder of the favorable things we have already received within our lives. Life will never reach our perceived perfection. However, with the routine of being appreciative and openly accepting, the positive energy that we develop will ultimately serve our desired purpose.