perceptionWhat is perception and does every person obtain their own set of perceptions?

Perception is a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes. It is an act of cognition that is applied to the Journey of Life. Every person obtains an exclusive set of perceptions because they acquire individual experiences, ethics and aspirations.

Perception is a personal viewpoint that emphasizes a person’s foundational beliefs. When a perception is expressed, they have decided to retain an opinion and are sharing their cognitive understanding. Perception will continuously evolve with the changes that influence life. A clarified perception pertains to experiences collected on the Journey of Life.

An individual perception may be considered trivial when explained to a person who is adamant on a focused thought but it doesn’t eliminate the purpose of sharing an alternate idea. Without new thoughts to consider, perception will be rooted and denied the opportunity to grow. Perception is impervious to change without our personal consent to respect its possibilities.

Although a perception will continually evolve as life proceeds, it originates from our beliefs and is valued as a nominal vision for our person. A perception will be affected by the circumstances of life but its base will remain a reflection of the person we desire to be.

What is Religion?

Religion is a set of beliefs and practices concerning the nature and purpose of the universe. A religious community is comprised of an assortment of individuals who participate in a shared principle. Religion can be perceived as a gateway of learning for individuals inclined to explore their spirituality. There will never be a single religion that will satisfy the full mass of people in our world but, through being a unified community, a religion has the potential to enlighten their followers.

Of all the religions that can be explored, respect is a common foundation that is distributed among its members. Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. Although this lesson is repeated, we must remain conscious that the journey of life may influence people to stray from this concept. As developments happen, there will be many situations to encounter and many decisions to accept and decide upon. When a person errs from respectful conduct, it isn’t a time to judge them harshly. Accept it openly, have faith that they are evolving and honestly share the trail to respect. Every believer can cultivate a receptive attitude to reciprocate the depth of their conviction.

When a religion is guided by love, their community has the capability to cultivate more love and attain peace with differing religions.  Awareness that every individual is unique, regardless of their chosen path of faith, will contribute to a simultaneous comprehension. There will never be a pair of identical members in a society, every individual is guided by exclusive experiences. Lessons can be taught consistently but the result will be determined by the recipient.

Even in a society navigated by a solitary faith, misconceptions are destined to arise because every individual flourishes a distinct set of values, desires and adventures that influence them. Every realization that dawns on a person will occur when the lesson is appropriate for them and all circumstances can be honored as nourishment for growth. With patient confidence, purpose will blossom and be recognized.

A chosen religion is a welcome community amenable to students yearning to discover. Many concepts will be perceived in different lights and it is an individual’s responsibility to acknowledge the morality that accommodates them. Be open to exploration, prepare yourself to practice actuality and evolve into the person you want to be. Make your choice and proceed with your journey to self-realization.

With Respect, You Will Always Proceed

The many things that we can say

But to our beliefs, they are astray

For words are there to express

But, also used as a way to repress


Try your best to have your beliefs show

Unto others, allow it all to bestow

For it will be your way to inform

And prevent any ways to conform


For you are who you are meant to be

And you are free to let all others see

Communicate it all to comprehend

Give all others reason to attend


With respect, you will always proceed

You will have your chance to succeed

Do not choose to just abide

Open up and choose to confide

Don’t Fear Another’s Opinion, Just Focus on Your Personal Vision

Why would we fear another person’s opinion when our life is guided by a personal vision?”

Every person has an inner voice that they listen to but they fear how others may judge them. It would be simple to assume that fears are caused by others but the truth is our thoughts are an interpretation of our experiences, our motivations and the choices we’ve made. Everyone is encouraged to be their very best but there is always one person who will decipher the true path. There are many lessons to consider on the Journey of Life but only our person can establish the direction we desire. Regardless the influences encountered in life, our spirit listens to our inner voice and aspires to complete a personal vision.

There will be times when the appraisal we seek doesn’t feel sufficient coming from our person but we must realize that it was our choice to seek approval from another. Comprehension may be shared with another but we can never expect them to always know us. Everybody is responsible for their person and no relationship will ever exceed the bond we have with our person. Even in the moments when we wish to deny reality, it is still our person to whom we are conceding.

When our ambitions exceed our limits and uncertainty overwhelms us, it is still our goals to which we adhere. Eluding the truth by blaming another can help to avoid our errors but the truth remains. It is still our person that dictates our actions. Realizations may not always be immediate but the facts will be unaltered.

Our conduct will only be a disappointment if we decide that it is. Beyond our person, the situation can be viewed from a variety of perspectives, even prospects we haven’t considered. In the end, everything we think and feel is derived from our person and it is solely our right to clarify the meaning of the situation.

Deep down in our hearts, we know that we are the one person who answers all our questions. We say that we fear others but the person we wish to impress is our self. We will all encounter moments when we are a judge full of scrutiny upon our person but we also have the power to control our level of exploration. We are entitled to set our goals, acknowledge our abilities and reflect upon our achievements. There is no other person we are required to report to, we just need to realize that we are prepared to be the best person we can be.


CREATIVITYWhat is creativity and how is it an essential ability for a person to practice?

Creativity is the ability to exceed traditional ideas with clever restructuring. A person uses their established intelligence resourcefully to develop new things.

Creativity is an eccentric form of expression that will not be understood by everyone. It is a motivation to make the images from the mind into an actuality. The practice of creativity develops the skill to surpass universal routines by using imagination.

By being creative, a person demonstrates virtuous application of their given abilities and an implied instinctual knowledge. Being free to be creative is a personal permission to timidly experiment towards further discovery.

A person should never fear their need to be creative because creativity expresses a yearning to be free to manifest acquired skills and explore new possibilities. With creativity, innovations will continuously materialize, development will not have an end and life will continuously be an excitement.


Make Tranquility Your Reality

“It is always best to go after what we truly want; the peace and tranquility in just getting along.”

Through the variety of relationships that a person will develop, they will always encounter a moment when they must step back and reflect upon what they truly want. The task may be desirable but will the journey to achieve it be worth the disruptions it causes? Will happiness truly be found if one must conform their person to accomplish it? What is the goal that a person wishes to obtain for a prosperous life?

Nobody desires to face turmoil every moment of their life, a preference for certainty prevails. Times of hardship is still required to reach serenity because exploration is necessary to become aware of reality. The choice is determined by the person and the aspirations they’ve distinguished. Even with an abundant ability to endure hardship, the essential inspiration may be to attain tranquility.

Education of life’s diversity strengthens one’s consciousness and influences the direction their life takes. An appreciation for the things that bring inner peace enforces the conviction to acquire the prize. Many rewards can be obtained in the journey of life but when the goal satisfies the essence of one’s soul, it deserves precedence in their life.

The pleasure of being unified with life prompts contentment and eases the ability to be compatible will all that life provides. Favor the endeavor that leads to personal pleasure and dismiss the battles that increase irritation. It is always best to place our authentic efforts in favor of what delivers joy to our existence.