Together as Life’s Fun

Melancholy seeps beneath the gates,
Jolly emotions rise to welcome them 
Uncertainty stales the air without reason,
Finality prods us to step out of the safety of our cave.
Adventure tempts us with what's unknown,
Composure is exchanged for what's needed.

It all meets us as if it were one,
Combining together as Life's fun.

Storm of Old and New

Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash
A storm of old and new arises.
Waves loudly crash on the shore,
Voicing their worry and uncertainty,
As lightning strikes the sky with confidence.

The winds whip around in a frenzy,
Causing new steps to feel unsteady.
The chill of uncertainty sends cold nips down one's spine,
As arms in the sky frantically dance to hold ground.

The old stands to remind of what was,
While the new scurries forth with enthused curiosity
Where will the trust land?
Will a new beginning lead me to know my heart's demand?

Ever feel drawn to a new beginning, only to find yourself in a storm of old and new? It can be overwhelming with emotions and a small battle within to decide how to proceed. It's always amazing after the storm passes.

Fill Your Fate with Dreams and Desires

Born with a life plan, everything is fate
But what happens when we are given choice?
Can the deciding factor be feeling?
Can we follow our hearts without duty?
Only you decide your enjoyment
Tap spirit to unfold your desires

As life evolves, so changes desires
Sometimes, we reconsider our fate
The greatest reward is self-enjoyment
With, and for, ourselves, there is always choice.
We choose where to place our sense of duty,
Only our soul can answer with feeling.

Start each journey by checking your feelings,
Make an alignment with your desires,
Make your own dreams your main sense of duty.
Write your own story, don't succumb to fate.
Take time to explore all open choices
Follow what gives you the most enjoyment.

Surround yourself with your soul's enjoyment,
Appreciate the entire feeling.
Accept all your past and future choices,
We don't know when led by our desires.
Don't allow yourself to blame it on fate
Be open to truth as your heart's duty

Never forget that you choose your duty,
Not all decisions will bring enjoyment.
Be determined and decide on your fate,
Give time to appreciate all feelings.
When astray, return to your desires,
Let them be the root of all your choices.

Wade through knowledge before making choices,
Don't get lost in others as a duty.
It's important to dream and desire,
In the end, it brings out your enjoyment.
Flow through life discovering all feelings,
Explore life, persevere. Write your own fate 

Each choice should meet your sense of enjoyment,
Agree to duty with peaceful feelings,
Fill your fate with your dreams and desires.

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