I Try My Best

Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash
Best I can't be always, but I will try my best
I don't know all outcomes, but I make good attempts
I will aim for best with the sums of perceptions
Until visions are complete, I know not to rest
I accept times when I must tune my reception
Despite all efforts, from mistakes I'm not exempt
In whatever journey I'm on, I try my best

To be Old

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash
To be old,
Is to be young again.
Blessed with time to review what is,
Wisdom to reflect on developments with bliss.

To be old,
Is to have conquered the serious mountain.
Blessed with experience to discover you,
Collection of failures and successes to find what is true.

To be old,
Is to long for the innocence of curiosity.
Blessed with connection to your unique soul,
Recognition of joys and callings that make you feel whole.

To be old,
Is to enter a new chapter of discovery.
Blessed with the past to guide you today,
Agreement to know but not-know in your choice of ways.

To be old,
Is to be alive.
Blessed with more experience and opportunity,
Realization that spirit lasts for eternity.

There are many myths about old age that I don't agree with. I believe life will be exciting when I'm old and gray, and I will never stop growing when I reach the biological age because I intend to remain young until my time is up!

The Inner Voice

Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash
A whispering voice from deep within,
A gentle push from inside the core.
Not always ready for what's new,
We search for reasons why we're pushed for more.
We dismiss the voice and turn away,
Not listening to the options it gives.
We look outside to drown the sound,
Not knowing it offers more ways to live.
It speaks to us on various days,
Though we don't always make room for the voice.
It persists and showers its care,
That gentle push that leads to good choices.

Feeling the World Deeply

Picnic photo from Summer of 2018
My restrictions are horrible. 
From ideal perspectives, it's a frustration.
Following expectations, life is lacking.
Working for approval, I have no concentration.
My restrictions are horrible.
In hardship, life offers me inspiration,
I find challenges to be motivating,
The wonders of the world keep fueling my ambition.
My restrictions are horrible,
But they make feeling the world deeply more possible.

This poem was intended as a reflection to make me admit the not-so-great moments of my life. Though it repeats that my restrictions are horrible, there has never been a time when I didn’t love my life. I admit that life felt horrible in moments when I was distracted from or struggling to find my true self.

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