Inner Strength

Photo by Chester Ho on Unsplash
Inner strength doesn’t radiate when a person is most proficient,
It’s displayed in the moments when we are most inefficient.
They will strive to demonstrate their competence,
But strength prevails when enduring impotence.
Finality may appear to be the prize,
But it is the journey that assists you to realize.
Take the time to know what you want to recognize,
Patiently persevere and it will materialize.
There isn’t a single way for people to grow,
Face adversity to be inclined to know.
Respect your time of vulnerability,
They’re there to reinforce your actual ability.

A Bottle of Soda

A bottle of soda,
Capped externally to preserve my splendor,
Sitting in darkness and cold,
Life passes by when I don't meet needs.

Sometimes picked up,
Sometimes pushed away,
My bubbles await a chance to be free.

If lucky, I'll be picked up with enthusiasm,
Given a small shake,
And the confining cap lifted.

I will erupt in joy,
Sharing my sweet bubbles,
Open to new light and warmth.

Ever feel like you’re just another bottle of soda? Be the one to pick you up with enthusiasm and lift the confining cap to erupt in joy!

Another’s Life is a Variance

It's hard to understand what one cannot experience.
Compassion opens doorways but doesn't travel,
Others present opportunities to expand.
Sometimes, we can only observe and marvel,
It's hard to understand what one cannot experience.
It's a mystery how life chooses to slowly unravel.
Externally, it's difficult to understand,
There's always the choice to not travel.
It's hard to understand what one cannot experience,
Another's life is a variance.

This poem is a reflection on how we can't expect others to understand what we go through, as well as the experience of trying to understand another person's journey. We care and want to help but it isn't our place to fully understand.


Avoid pain,
Void experience.
Challenges strengthen your resolve,
Embrace what is,

Heightens the senses.
Opens crevices once unknown,
New discovery,

I wrote this poem reflecting on the pain I'm tempted to avoid feeling in my left foot but know I must get used to. It made me relate to all times of hardship and how they're rich for discovery. Pain and discomfort are part of the journey.

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