Bear Mask

I smile at you,
Welcoming you to place me on your head.
I will be there to embrace you.
To protect your head and guide your vision.
Enjoy a masquerade,
Conceal your woes.
Permit a small burst of fun,
And revitalize your spirit!

I am Bear Mask
And I will stand with you.
We will bring smiles of joy to all we meet.

When You’re Dreaming

Photo by Jeffrey Keenan on Unsplash
When you're dreaming,
Don't teleport to the future.
Try to stay conscious in the present,
Remember that life is gradual.

Don't teleport to the future,
You are enough at all times.
Remember that life is gradual,
Wanting is not achieving.

You are enough at all times,
There is no perfection in changes.
Wanting is not achieving,
But experience is growth.

There is no perfection in changes,
Simply experience to cherish.
But experience is growth
Helping you to become more.

Simply experience to cherish,
In whatever realm you travel.
Helping you to become more
In whom you're meant to be.

In whatever realm you travel,
Remember that life is gradual,
In whom you're meant to be,
When you're dreaming.

There's always advice to dream but we tend to lose ourselves in what we envision and forget that it is not yet here.
Despite our dreams and where it takes us, who's to say that living isn't dreaming? Life constantly changes, so nothing is certain enough to match our visions with perfection. The experience helps us to gather and grow, a reminder that we're always enough with room for more. Whether dreaming or living, in the now or future, it's important to stay connected to who we are and be patient with the workings of life to enjoy every moment.

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