To Be Human

To be human is to love, 
Even when it gets too much
I'm not ready to give up

Just 'cause I predicted this
Doesn't make it any easier to live with
And what's the point of knowing it if you can't change it?

I was listening to To Be Human by Sia and I reflected on the words that speak to me. "To be human is to love, even when it gets too much" are words I deeply relate to and, I, too, am not ready to give up.

"Just 'cause I predicted this
Doesn't make it any easier to live with
And what's the point of knowing it if you can't change it?"
These words remind me that I knew that choosing surgery to resolve my epilepsy would bring me a journey of great changes. What is the point of knowing and not being able to change it? In my opinion, to appreciate the growth. I may have been scared before it happened but now I am grateful for the experience. I would not know without experience, a prediction is a story we make without knowing. The experience is the chance to honor being alive and all the gifts Life offers. To continue on is to love, the essence of Life.

Enjoy the Present

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash
Give the gift of present,
Shut off the winding thoughts.
Let go of what you've been taught,
Indulge in what you sought.
Enjoy the gift of present.

Feel the present as a gift,
Surrender yourself to feeling.
Don't worry about later,
Grow beyond the past.
Enjoy the present as a gift.

Feel the present in the gift of now,
Drown in the moment.
Flow in the current,
Embrace your dreams.
Enjoy the present in the gift of now.

In my opinion, the greatest way of being generous today is by enjoying the present. Being conscious now gives spirit to what we do, benefiting our environment and ourselves now and for years that come.

Reusing What’s There

Old flannel nightshirt
Cut in squares to wipe my nose
Reusing what's there

I realized that I never use a tissue fully and that it is hard to save for further use, so I made the switch to use handkerchiefs. I bought cotton fabric first to try but it was hard on my nose. I had a flannel nightshirt that was too long so I asked my husband to trim it and cut the trimming into squares to use as handkerchiefs. It's perfect for my nose!

Ideas are Seeds Shared

Photo by Joshua Lanzarini on Unsplash
Ideas are seeds shared,
Not always vital for growth,
Yet, expressions to show that one cares.

Spirit is love being distributed.
Sometimes it appears clouded,
Yet, always requires effort to contribute.

Intentions are first steps,
Toddle steps to make a difference,
Yet, hold potential to grow with depth.

I've lived my life feeling filled with ideas, wanting to help, yet knowing that most of what I say may not come true, but I share my ideas anyways. No one knows where an idea is meant to go but not sharing only suppresses the gifts life offers. Nobody is required to have precision with an idea, they're simply expressing their concerns and taking the first step to making things happen.

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