Seasons of Life

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A cycle begins with the arrival of Spring
Welcoming life in preparation for Summer
Seasons arrive and pass, never remaining new
A change of color in the season of Autumn
Sweeping life to be dormant for the Winter
A time to wish for something new and let go of the old
A cycle of change to renew what's old
Give hope to spirits with the bounce of Spring
No longer under the blankets of Winter
When freely roaming the warmth of Summer
Carefree enjoyment ends in Autumn
Change of season to begin brand new
Where to begin when it's all brand new?
What happened to the comfort of old?
It's time to give thanks in the season of Autumn
Renew the earth to prepare for Spring
Anticipate the joys of Summer
While enjoying the contrast of Winter
It's bright with a different cheer in Winter
Continuous hope for what could be new
Polar to the activities of Summer
Often reason to feel tired and old
Cause to desire the season of Spring
And remember the thanks given in Autumn
For the hard work contributed in Autumn
Brings great memories in the season of Winter
Cause for continuance into the Spring
When life awakens and feels new
Thoughts no longer on what's old
Walking towards the bright warmth of Summer
In the height of life, a vibrant Summer
Before the reality of a renewing Autumn
What was new is becoming old
And will soon hibernate in the Winter
Courage to make the old feel like new
For when life awakens in the Spring
The heat of Summer melts the ice of Winter
The hard work in Autumn prepares for the new
The welcome of Spring makes new of the old

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Gratitude is Healthy

In honor of National Panda Day
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Gratitude is healthy for the spirit and mind,
Give thanks to all the awesome that surrounds you.
Appreciate to shift the balance towards more,
Keep focused on what is true.
Gratitude is healthy for the spirit and mind,
There is no other who can make you you.
Be open to accept what was and what's in store,
You were made to thrive with what life takes you through.
Gratitude is healthy for the spirit and mind,
Appreciate all the wonders you find.

Evolve With Dreams

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Strive towards a dream without attaching to drive, 
Perfection, an illusion never to be reached.
Travel openly with mind to flow with changes,
You have the power to redetermine your drive.
Knowledge holds no control when life rearranges,
Learn from what is when your perfection has been breached. 
Evolve with dreams to hold a reason to strive. 

Accepting Difference is Being Unique: Spoken Word

While standing out can be hard,
Difference is a gift.
Every situation feels like a trial,
Designed to help you find your way.

Designed to help you find your way,
Accepting difference is being unique.
Difference is a gift,
Don't place faith in a so-called curse.

Don't place faith in a so-called curse,
Remain faithful to your beauty.
Accepting difference is being unique,
You need time to grow into who you are.

You need time to grow into who you are,
Be open to every offering.
Remain faithful to your beauty,
Only you have the power to decide.

Only you have the power to decide,
Difference is a gift.
Be open to every offering,
Designed to help you find your way.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
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