Does Security Bring Tranquility?

Though people strive for security in their lives, I question if security will bring a person tranquility in the long run. Security is the feeling that makes us think we’re free from danger and people strive for it by trying to gain as much control over their life. The search for control often negates theContinue reading “Does Security Bring Tranquility?”

The Phoenix is Grateful for All

Let the fire burn, Let the senses smolder into consciousness. The phoenix shall rise above the flames, To search for where she belongs. Let the path unwind with process, Let discovery become reality. The phoenix shall fly through every experience, To understand who she is and where she wants to be. Let experience be life’sContinue reading “The Phoenix is Grateful for All”

Could Circulation be Back?

After almost eight years, I believe I felt circulation back in my left leg. My foot was burning but the sensations felt like chills. Hmm, could it have been building all this time? I was shocked to have my right side feeling cold and my left side warming it up. That is backwards from theContinue reading “Could Circulation be Back?”

Success is in the Experience of the Beholder

As I ponder the various perspectives on success, I believe that success is an art and can only be determined by the beholder. We’re surrounded by stories about what success is but each person holds different tales in their mind and through experience, they will determine if it is a success for their person. I’mContinue reading “Success is in the Experience of the Beholder”

Everything Happens for a Reason

Are you a believer in this statement? Personally, I do believe in this statement overall but how one deals with a situation will affect its meaning. In the past, when a situation was overwhelming, I made the mistake of immediately banking in this belief. By stating that it was happening for a reason and notContinue reading “Everything Happens for a Reason”