My Life Theory

I am a believer that all species are members of this world with connection to the force of Life. I believe in no dominant religion, I only believe that Life is the uniting force, the energy that exists in all and what we contribute for continuation. What people call God I refer to as Life. To me,  Life is the essence of love and the energy that keeps us alive. It exists in all and is found within.

To disconnect with any member of Life (animals, nature, our environment) is to refuse the power held within and hinder growth. Therefore, I believe it’s important to share knowledge, encourage reconnection with our environment and inspire the ways of Life.

The ways of Life that I hold dear are: Love, Respect, Perseverance, Growth, and Gratitude.

To love is to share your energy and become more beyond your physical existence. Through acts of kindness and expression, you are contributing to the world.

To respect is to include others with devotion and understand that Life is inclusive, yet beyond who you are. By including others and the world, you are accepting your role as a contribution to existence.

To persevere is to accept all and make effort to see Life through. With acceptance, you permit greater inclusion for Life discoveries.

To grow is to become more and work with Life. Growth is acceptance of change and your willingness to learn more.

To be grateful is to remember your belonging to something greater. Remembering appreciation is the root that grounds you in every circumstance.

Believe in who you are, your role as a contribution and work beyond yourself with all to remain united with Life. Let’s enliven environmental and personal awareness to restore Life’s full potential.

It matters not your station or age; you’re always a contributor to your Life’s stage.

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