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My name is Astrid Hardjana-Large, and I am the creator of Astrid’s Words, my blog at astridswords.ca. My mission at Astrid’s Words is to inspire love, perseverance and individuality for the Journey of Life through visual and literary perspectives.

My journey began when Epilepsy entered my life at the age of eleven and I desire to share, with the world, the positivity life taught me. In my journey, I have accepted Epilepsy into my daily life, accepted the consequences of brain surgery, am recovering from a stroke and enjoying a life filled with self-discovery.

Art is a significant part of my life. Stitching and writing have been therapeutic ways for me to express myself. grow and reflect on the occurrences of my life. Poetry is my favorite art because it gives me opportunity to creatively reflect and share with others. I enjoy creating rhymes to amplify a positive perspective.

Every creation is inspired by life experiences and are reflections. I enjoy using diverse perspectives to inspire all visitors. All images on my site have been gathered from unsplash.com and various artists. I collaborate the work of various artists to encourage different outlooks on life to accommodate creativity.

I believe Life challenges help to maintain development. The more we persevere, the more we discover. It is my desire to inspire all followers towards motivation and appreciation. Please choose to keep persevering, every life experience is an opportunity to evolve and disclose personal strengths.

Thank you to everyone for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me. It is a great inspiration to hear from others and know that we can all relate!!


She faces life with an inner dedication

Strongly believing in the gifts of perseverance

She never wants to lose her smiles

She survives with her determination

Remaining in the spirit to be loving

She aims to inspire positivity


Through words, she promotes positivity

And she gives life and love her utmost dedication

Nothing makes her happier than being loving

In challenges, she relies on perseverance

Always confident with determination

And anticipating the chance for smiles


She speaks with her soul in her smiles

Sharing her belief in positivity

There’s no doubt she has determination

As she never relents in her dedication

She’s an example of perseverance

As she focuses on being loving


She strives to continuously be loving

Working hard to return to smiles

She’s successful with perseverance

And never gives up on positivity

She knows where she desires her dedication

And allows no preventions due to determination


Never doubting the power of determination

It helps her to remain loving

An attribute for dedication

Bringing her an abundance of smiles

Always searching with positivity

She has a confident supply of perseverance


Never turns away the practice of perseverance

She survives with determination

Never refusing positivity

To all she meets, she desires to be loving

Inspired to contribute smiles

She enjoys sharing her dedication


Lucky to have a fixed dedication

Motivated always with perseverance

She strides every day with smiles

Constantly proving her determination

Forever appreciative and loving

She fights for positivity


Positivity is always there due to her dedication

She will remain loving, even on challenges practicing perseverance

She continues with determination and forever will return to smiles

11 thoughts on “About Astrid

  1. Astrid, though i receive your posts regularly, i just happened to read about you today. What awesome girl you are! Let your light shine brightly and show the way to may. Stay strong and positive as ever and continue to write more. Today’s world more of Astrids and stay Blessed

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  2. Hi Astrid! I’m glad to have stumbled on your blog, and to learn that you are a fellow lover of rhymes in poetry 😀 You have a beautiful soul and a story that I think the world should hear. I look forward to reading your future blog posts and poetry!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for checking out my work. I love how you take concepts of human nature and write about them briefly. Brevity has never been my strong suit, but I am working on it. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Astrid, what a beautiful soul you are inside and out. I love your about page and I, most certainly, look forward to your words of encouragement.

    It’s people like you that help us realize that our struggles are conquerable!!

    Much Love, Light and Blessings, Emma


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