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Welcome to          About me

My name is Astrid Hardjana-Large and I wish to be a helpful encouragement to the world. I wish to inspire my readers to live life fully and positively. I hope to motivate all readers to never give up on their Journey of Life.

My journey of life began when Epilepsy entered my life at the age of eleven and I wish to share with the world my experiences and the positive lessons I have learned in my life. I have the experience of accepting Epilepsy into my life, living with daily seizures, accepting the consequences of brain surgery, recovering from a stroke and journeying towards a life that is seizure-free.

Writing has been a great part of my life. Reflections and poetry have been a therapeutic way for me to survive. Poetry is my favorite way to write and it is my desire to inspire others to live life fully. I wish to share with others that medical conditions do not have to be viewed as a prevention. They work as personal challenges that are helpers for us to maintain our development. The more we keep on going, the more we shall earn.

This site shares my experiences on the Journey of Life and reveals the potential that life offers under all circumstances.It is my desire to inspire all readers towards motivation. Please never choose to give up on life. Every life experience is an opportunity for a person to evolve and disclose their personal strengths.

Thank you to everyone for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me. It is a great blessing to hear from you all !!






4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Glad to see your strength and courage coming out in your writing.

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  2. Hi! Thank you for sharing your blog! You are so inspiring and courageous to share your life. Stay strong and stay beautiful as you are, 🙂

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    Astrid, what a beautiful soul you are inside and out. I love your about page and I, most certainly, look forward to your words of encouragement.

    It’s people like you that help us realize that our struggles are conquerable!!

    Much Love, Light and Blessings, Emma


  4. WTBLUME said:

    An imganitive life like yours gives endurance of many things


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