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Though I can relate to the issues and symptoms stated as mental illness, I wonder why it’s labelled as an illness. I find that this label encourages thought that there’s something wrong or lacking in that person rather than recognizing their personal journey. I believe that they are experiencing a disorder in their journey and they must explore it to find their person.

Though I can list many reasons for the dis-ease I’ve experienced, I choose to look back on my vulnerable moments as mental transitions. They were moments when I was weak and insecure, and I had to look inward to find strength. I found that as similar as situations can be, each experience is individual because perspective, memory and emotions always differ. As comforting as it was to hear someone say they had the same experience, their story was always different from mine.

In my experience, the moment of dis-ease felt unbearable but being patient with the process made me examine the big picture and identify what my journey was teaching. By persevering, I made strength out of a weakness and when dis-ease passed, I saw life through a new lens.

I’m not trying to speak for or override other perspectives on mental hardship, I just find the illness label to be negative. I believe that it’s a mental transition and everyone experiences it because it’s part of growth and change is inevitable in life.

When you experience hardship and feel a dis-ease, try to remember that the moment will pass and look within to find you. Take time to care for yourself inside and out. Embrace your growth and love yourself for what you’re being entrusted to endure because you’re special and worthy.