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For the month of March, I’ve chosen rebirth as my theme for the month.

For me, rebirth is the acceptance of death (or an ending), the process of letting go and the opportunity to grow into more. Life offers many cycles that begin and end, and each cycle is abundant with gifts to appreciate.

When a cycle ends, it makes room for something new. Nothing ever replaces what was but understanding evolves with the changes and welcomes what’s new. Endings need to be accepted to become more, letting go is accepting what is, not forgetting what was. Every experience is a chance to grow.

In my experience, there have been many versions of the Astrid today and every version was a phase of growth. There were many parts I couldn’t keep holding onto and I’m grateful how those parts assisted my journey. Though I have let go of some parts, they remain pieces that connect my full existence. Accept the end to begin anew and always search for what’s true. Be reborn and let some things go, there will always be reason for you to grow.