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“The gifts that appear when you let go of fear.”-Astrid’s Words

Having had time to accept my new life and reflect on what I was and am, I’ve come to realize the many skills practiced for survival. Experiences trained me to handle unexpected life changes and gave me pain management methods.

As monotonous sounds are heard, I sometimes develop a small headache. It used to trigger the auras that I didn’t want. Back then, I hummed odd melodies to myself to distract my brain and I restarted this to lessen my awareness of the headaches. Doing this, I realized that I distract myself often when I’m bothered or feel physical pain. I divert my attention to other things to distract from negativity and find a new light to restore my hope.

Back when I lived with epilepsy, it was a small coping mechanism and through the years, it has carried into other areas of life and continues to make me a strong survivor. It provides a strong awareness of where I want to be, what I want to be feeling and is a focus to be optimistic.

There are many things that we can’t control, even things happening to our body and we will always have the power to control how we deal with it. What starts as a silly act for survival will evolve into greater skills when we persist with it. Choose your method, make no judgements and believe in your existence. Your greatness is there and will be strong as long as you’re willing to let it flare.