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To live a life that is seizure-free

Is something that I want for me

Days without unexpected falls

No more worries for my family

It will be hard to reach the goal

But each step helps make it whole

I have a will to keep on going

And with effort, it will start showing

It feels like a dream in a far distance

But nothing happens in an instance

I have to keep on believing

Even when times appear deceiving

I can’t allow bad thoughts to rule me

I have to listen to what’s true to me

Allow all dreams to come true

Believe in them and have them continue


Five years ago, I was in the hospital getting used to the stroke I had in brain surgery and I wrote this poem. I was searching for hope and purpose, reflecting on why I chose my path and what I wanted to do next. Looking back on it now, I’m grateful for the success of a seizure-free life and the determination I found back then. For all my defenses against negative thoughts, there was a strong belief in the life I would discover.

I admit the journey has been long and I wouldn’t call it over. It’s no longer about being seizure-free or a stroke survivor, my life is an adventure to know myself and appreciate knowing that I’m a contribution in my unique way. I may not be what I wanted to be, and I know Life intended it that way. I now see me and the light within me. When life is hard, I promise to grow, live and love.