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 “Knowledge isn’t only there to make a resolution; knowledge is there to encourage an evolution.”

Facts are helpful guides when planning, but knowledge isn’t the only factor required to resolve decisions. After the facts are considered, listening to our spirit determines the path life takes. Does it coincide with who I am? Is this truly who I want to be? Even with all the facts gathered, it’s still a journey to know if it’s meant for me.

Curiosity motivates research, in hope of structuring a plan of ease, but despite the confidence, life awakens us spiritually by adding unexpected circumstances to encourage further advances. They’re a frustration in the moment, but when the fury is calmed, opportunities are enlightened.

Knowledge builds our trust, lending confidence to proceed into the unknown, but it doesn’t represent the full experience. There’s always new knowledge to accept after every occurrence to cultivate continuous growth. Knowledge is the water fed to us during dark storms and bright days. It isn’t always how we expect it, but it nurtures us all the same.

After confidence is built, spiritual instincts determine our path. Taking steps further plants the seeds of opportunity, commencing an evolution. Where will life take me? Who will I be at the end of this adventure? What will life teach me?

Liberate your curiosity, awaken your discoveries and enlighten the path meant for you. Facts are essential to lay out a plan and the journey will cultivate who you are. Do your research, feed your confidence and follow your instincts. Embrace who you are and welcome your evolution.