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Experience and survival can both be achieved, but without conscious acknowledgement, realization isn’t achieved. A person can choose to accept life but without identifying the reality, the objective of the experience isn’t recognized. Should the course of life be entrusted to luck or should a person determine their own fate?

To determine destiny, a person can expect to encounter divergent circumstances and be inclined to distinguish the objective. Clarification may be gradual, but constant observations of what could be will simplify its purpose. Every individual is on a unique path and can only look within to determine their course.

I used to allow my heart to guide my actions, but I didn’t acknowledge what I wanted to accomplish. I lived half my life under a discipline to be good and I misunderstood why my motivation would deteriorate. I worked to satisfy public expectations and denied the realization of what I did. I had to question why I continued, take a step back and analyze what my inner voice was trying to tell me. It wasn’t plausible for me to be good to accommodate others; I had to recognize my purpose and acknowledge how each situation contributed to my life.

Comparisons to others distract reality. What may be valid for another may not coincide with you. What the world says you must do may not be possible for you. Learn from others and decipher your individual path, while remaining conscious of who you are and where you want to be.

Liberate judgements, welcome the encouragement of your inner voice and realize your involvement to achieve a complete experience for survival. Embrace your individuality, explore your possibilities and determine the fate of your life.