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Forgiveness isn’t only a choice when we face betrayal from another person, it is an art that needs consistent practice to develop love, patience and understanding. Nobody will receive everything they desire in life, but with forgiveness, disappointments are released to be receptive to what life is offering. Forgiveness isn’t only performed for another person, it’s to heal an individual’s heart and soul. 

Life is ambivalent with its twists and turns, not every situation inspires happiness. These are the moments to decipher what I want to gain and what I want to release. Is anger what I want to hold onto when I know I can’t control the situation? Or do I wish to accept it and find a different source of happiness?

I can’t allow myself to assume that life will meet my expectations or that others will make the same choices as me. Every individual has their own path to follow, even if it doesn’t coincide with mine. I can only choose to accept that they’re different and continue to maintain the person I want to be. Every decision made will primarily affect the person who makes the choice. There’s no reason to be concerned with where it could go.

Follow your path, distinguish what corresponds with you and acknowledge the control you possess. Accept your negative reactions, determine who you are and respect that life teaches lessons in many ways. Embrace the art of forgiveness and allow your heart and soul to be free with who you are. Love will always be found within.