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“Advice upon how others get to the end is simply not needed; the support of an open ear may be all that is required to exceed it.” – Astrid Hardjana-Large


We can often look around us and watch as others reach the goals that we desire. We question how they were able to obtain the goal, yet it is always important to recall that the other person is a different person with a different set of skills and experiences. For our needed spark of motivation, we may not need to hear how a completely different person achieved it. All that we require is an open and understanding ear from a friend to remind us that our goals are possible for our person. With the support and belief that we need to hear, we will find our needed spark of motivation that will give us the energy to exceed our personal expectations.

As parents, we watch our children slowly progress and develop. We have personal expectations and beliefs in them and we work to inspire them to aim higher as their abilities advance. Our children will not prefer to hear how another person was able to get there quickly; they would prefer to hear an understanding for their efforts and our strong belief in their abilities. When asked the question, “Are you sure that I will be able to do the same?” I love to answer by stating my belief and my reasons for belief. I find it is also of great importance to ask why that question was needed. To hear their reason of doubt helps to understand why they have their fears and makes it easier to pinpoint the reason why disbelief is worthless.

We all have an abundant supply of abilities to discover and the support from another may be all that we need to be motivated to journey in our wanted direction. Sometimes that open and understanding believer is all that we need to remind us of where we can be.