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Communication can be a gift
To inform, educate and even prevent
Reactions can be a big surprise
Often causing unwanted worries to relent

It is good to share your person
To be open and honest
Openness of your character
A key to put worries to rest

We are all here for a reason
Even if it is mysterious
Enjoy the life you are given
No need to only be serious

The use of communication is a true gift to be able to inform others, educate others and prevent misunderstandings with others. Sometimes the reactions we receive from others can be a surprise, ones that can help us to stop our worries. We cannot always know the outcome of our efforts but trying with proper reasons will always help to direct us in a wanted direction.

It can sometimes be a scare to share our person but when we choose to be open and honest, we are still headed in the proper direction. When a person chooses to be open with their character it puts a worry to rest and allows the chance to get to know each other to be easier and more rewarding.

We all have our own reason to be a part of this world. In times when we are discovering our place our reason can be mysterious. As we discover and experience, with the effort to get to know our person, we need to enjoy all the experiences we are given. It is best to experience all emotions and choose to never only remain serious. Enjoyment can be done with some laughs and a smile.