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Adolph, a mature adolescent, had a good sense of what he must do, but, recently, something held him back. He was proud of himself, yet the taste of independence scared him. If I keep doing things on my own, what if my parents leave me and no longer stand beside me? What will I do by myself?

Despite having always been eager to complete his homework, Adolph questioned its importance and found enjoyment playing on his tablet instead. Adolph wanted his parents’ reminder to assure him they cared and felt lost when it didn’t come. Do they no longer care for me?

Adolph asked, “Mom? Why haven’t you reminded me to do homework?”

His mother answered, “Because I believe in you, Adolph. You deserve space to practice who you are. A wise man is not a coward to knowledge; he uses it to guide him. You’re knowledgeable enough to guide yourself and it’s time you believe in your ability.”


Inspired by “A wise man is not coward to knowledge; he uses it to guide him.” -Merlin quote