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My thoughts lie with you

Even when we’re apart

Thoughts of getting back to you

Are filling up my heart


We will never truly be apart

For our hearts are still together

We may not be side by side

But together we are forever


I look forward to going home to you

I love to know that you are waiting

I’m looking forward to hugs and kisses

Our reunion I’m anticipating


This was a poem that I wrote when my partner and I were separated due to schooling. My thoughts were on him even though I hadn’t seen him in days. As vacations approached the idea of seeing him was filling my mind and helping me to find more happiness. As I started to think of him more I realized that we were never truly apart because our hearts were together. We were not physically side by side but we were still together.

I looked forward to going home to him and I loved knowing that he waited for me. I looked forward to having more hugs and kisses with him. A reunion where we could be physically side by side was a true gift for my heart.