Inner strength doesn’t radiate when a person is most proficient It’s displayed in the moments when we are most inefficient We will strive to demonstrate our competence But strength prevails when enduring impotence   Finality may appear to be the prize But it is the journey that assists you to realize Take the time toContinue reading “Adversity”

Be Vulnerable

Visibility of true self, to uphold authenticity. Unarmored and open to accept the gifts of life. Love and compassion to guide your perceptions, Naked truths to discover the roots of reality. Emotional awareness to make conscious decisions, Release of control to respect the flow of life. Accountable shame that shapes who you are; Birth ofContinue reading “Be Vulnerable”

Be Honest or Vulnerable?

Recently, I’ve studied vulnerability to explore who I am and how I want to be. I strive to connect with the world as best as I can and have always believed open honesty is the best policy. Definitions: Honesty (n) 1. Quality or fact of being honest 2. Truthfulness, sincerity or frankness 3. Freedom fromContinue reading “Be Honest or Vulnerable?”

Make Yourself Unique

There’s more that can meet a blinded vision More joy to be met without purchased goods Success to be found after full missions Genuine triumphs without wearing hoods   Don’t claim status on material wealth Don’t claim status on physical allure Don’t assume good looks are equal to health Don’t assume attraction makes life assuredContinue reading “Make Yourself Unique”

Recognition Without Distraction

“Knowing is recognizing without being distracted by emotions materializing.” -Astrid’s Words There’s a myth to knowing that’s used and holds no credit. It’s the illusion that we know and expect others do, too. Without recognizing how false this thought is, judgements get set and emotions run wild to justify the perception. The more assurance expressedContinue reading “Recognition Without Distraction”