The Foundation of All Abundance

  Inspired by “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” -Eckhart Tolle   There’s a measure of acceptance Acknowledge the good The foundation of all abundance   Don’t get caught in what you think you should It’s already in your possession Acknowledge the good   ItContinue reading “The Foundation of All Abundance”

When I Openly Share

When I openly share, It becomes reality and A greater part of me.   I’m contributing to care, Walking with it hand in hand When I openly share.   Don’t look at me so critically, When you don’t understand, I choose to share a greater part of me.   To be open is always aContinue reading “When I Openly Share”

The Goal to be Free

Independence, the goal to be free. Courage to let the spirit be liberated, The will to shape an individual reality.   Exploring life to get a sense of actuality, Without the worry of being evaluated. Independence, the goal to be free.   Find confidence practicing individuality. In one’s spirit, become saturated, The will to shapeContinue reading “The Goal to be Free”

I’ll Know When I’m Ready

I want to go slow and steady, Listen to Life’s cues. I’ll know when I’m ready.   There’s no sense in being heady, I’m looking to be true. I want to go slow and steady.   Now isn’t time to throw confetti There’s so much from which to choose. I’ll know when I’m ready.  Continue reading “I’ll Know When I’m Ready”