Make Space For the Greatness of All

Make space for the greatness of all Ground yourself in humility Build unity with all you meet Set forth with a solid foundation Ground yourself in humility Not everything you do is of importance Set forth with a solid foundation Choose your priorities and eliminate all distractions Not everything you do is of importance EverythingContinue reading “Make Space For the Greatness of All”

United for Purpose

The Union for Education Workers (UEW) decided it was time to reassess needs for community. UEW suffered financial losses and needed to cut down on benefits offered to workers to rebalance their books. When the workers of UEW heard this, they were angered because they also suffered losses in other areas. The union and workersContinue reading “United for Purpose”

An Imperative Alliance

Beyond the walls of diversity, Lies a force that nourishes unity. A power that needs to be embraced, To have all deprecations effaced.   A passionate affection for all that surrounds us, An open acceptance for the things that astound us. The power of love that’s meant for sharing; An expression because we are meantContinue reading “An Imperative Alliance”