To Accept What Is

To accept what is Changes everything And nothing at all To accept what is Opens perspective, Closing old thoughts To accept what is Frees me from what was Prepares for the new To accept what is Is to love myself And embrace all Life My greatest accomplishment for 2020 was admitting that I live withContinue reading “To Accept What Is”

We are All Different

Inspired by “We are all different. Don’t judge, understand instead.” – Roy T. Bennett No matter what species or race, we are all different No matter our circumstance or likes and dislikes, we are all different In the neighborhood in which you reside All matters are meant to coincide, we are all different. We allContinue reading “We are All Different”

Waking From a Dream

Have you ever had a dream that you’ve held onto but didn’t realize it existed? Last week, I had an intense week of self-discovery and I found the dream that made my denial of brain damage so strong.  When I was eleven, I was a gymnast and I loved soaring through the air on theContinue reading “Waking From a Dream”

Love, No Matter What

  I love that Andrew Solomon touches various diverse circumstances that challenge love.  It helped me to understand the hardship that made me strong when my parents couldn’t accept my condition but tried their best to provide for me. It’s true, that no matter the circumstances, a person only seeks to be loved as theyContinue reading “Love, No Matter What”