Don’t Try to Understand Everything

Inspired by 2 Anonymous quotes: “Don’t try to understand everything. Sometimes it’s not meant to be understood, but to be accepted.” & “Sometimes when things are falling apart they may be falling into place.” Sometimes it’s not meant to be understood. The winds whisper in their panicked frenzy And it asks for nothing, But toContinue reading “Don’t Try to Understand Everything”

The Human Race

What is a race? The definition of race in the dictionary is that it is a contest of speed, a competition, especially to achieve superiority. Why do we label different cultures as races? I feel that calling it a human race triggers a separation that encourages us to compete against each other to determine whoContinue reading “The Human Race”


What is balance and why is it considered important for living? Balance, a foundational understanding for life that conveys the importance of equilibrium in life. Balance serves to alleviate the strains that extremities may cause and inspires moderation. Through the option of exploring another side, the practice to find balance within your life assists toContinue reading “Balance”

When the One You Love

When the one you love is what you wanted to be, They fuel your futile fantasy. Fear alerts and raises its fiery shield, To protect you from the love they yield. When the one you love encourages you to be what you no longer should be, The webs of life entangle you in duality. HopelessContinue reading “When the One You Love”