Another’s Life is a Variance

It’s hard to understand what one cannot experience. Compassion opens doorways but doesn’t travel, Others present opportunities to expand. Sometimes, we can only observe and marvel, It’s hard to understand what one cannot experience. It’s a mystery how life chooses to slowly unravel. Externally, it’s difficult to understand, There’s always the choice to not travel.Continue reading “Another’s Life is a Variance”

Understanding Your Fear

In honor of International Polar Bear Day Inspired by content from You are strong. Know how full of courage you are, Through understanding your fear you can resolve it. You can thrive in environments that may be hostile to others, Stand up to your current challenges in life.

A Journey to Discover Life’s Full Melody

There are times when I want to shut the door and stare, When the darkness inside clouds all vision and light. My truth transforms into a haunting parody, All that was appreciated now seems unfair. -A journey to discover Life’s full melody- I ride the ups and downs until it becomes bright, Reach understanding thatContinue reading “A Journey to Discover Life’s Full Melody”