A Journey to Discover Life’s Full Melody

There are times when I want to shut the door and stare, When the darkness inside clouds all vision and light. My truth transforms into a haunting parody, All that was appreciated now seems unfair. -A journey to discover Life’s full melody- I ride the ups and downs until it becomes bright, Reach understanding thatContinue reading “A Journey to Discover Life’s Full Melody”

Worry No More

Spiders ardently weaving To discover that their web isn’t only made of their believing Finding many threads that interconnect True understanding is beyond their intellect In confusion, it strives for explanations Choosing denial with hopeful estimations It chooses to weave above and far from the ground No longer knowing difference between how truth and liesContinue reading “Worry No More”

December, Month of Enjoyment

For the month of December, and my last monthly theme, I’ve chosen enjoyment as my theme. To me, enjoyment is about connecting to my inner peace. In whatever circumstance I find myself in, I am in enjoyment when I give myself time to be conscious of my feelings and thoughts in the moment.  Throughout myContinue reading “December, Month of Enjoyment”