Trigger of Curiosity

Fear, the trigger of curiosity To venture into turbulent truths To enter without animosity A shovel to dig into hidden roots Revisit what we kept hidden as youths It’s a gift to recognize its presence And learn its complete meaning and essence Fear is often related to negativity. I believe the wariness towards uncertainty isContinue reading “Trigger of Curiosity”

Be Strong, Inner Child

Be strong, inner child Be strong and courageous To place trust in you Will prove to be advantageous There will be much you can’t do Making life ambiguous It’s always so when it’s new Until you choose to be ambitious Be strong, inner child For trust in you fuels my soul With your dreams andContinue reading “Be Strong, Inner Child”

The Courage to Live with Radical Uncertainty

  I share this video because I related to it deeply and Shekinah’s message is one I’ve been wanting to share. I believe there’s so much opportunity in uncertainty and it’s the thrill of it that keeps me living freely without specific guidelines or fears to limit me. Have faith in life and don’t letContinue reading “The Courage to Live with Radical Uncertainty”