What Seems to Be May Not Be

Though appearing like perfection, what seems to be may not be. Comforted by knowledge, though what seems to be may not be. Motivated to strive for success, Inspired by what others already possess, what seems to be may not be. Working hard to avoid uncertainty, Growing fears of adversity, but what seems to be mayContinue reading “What Seems to Be May Not Be”

We are a Seed Amidst the Darkness of Soil

Our needs are met through the soil, Its darkness offers paths to meet with light. It is in darkness that we follow what calls, And make a search for what’s bright. The path through soil feels trying and uncertain, It is with faith that we don’t lose sight. Hope pulls us to the surface, ItContinue reading “We are a Seed Amidst the Darkness of Soil”

Trigger of Curiosity

Fear, the trigger of curiosity To venture into turbulent truths To enter without animosity A shovel to dig into hidden roots Revisit what we kept hidden as youths It’s a gift to recognize its presence And learn its complete meaning and essence Fear is often related to negativity. I believe the wariness towards uncertainty isContinue reading “Trigger of Curiosity”