The Journey of Discovery

The journey of discovery. Turn over every stone, observe all pathways, Look under and in between what’s there. ~Don’t leave your passion for another day~ The journey of discovery, Try everything, even another way. Enjoy learning while all is bare, Curiosity always offers a new tray. The journey of discovery, To follow growth continually.

It is Being You While Applying

It isn’t perfection, it is trying. There’s no way to know what it has to be, Every effort helps it to become. What feels right is what you wish to foresee, It isn’t perfection, it is trying. Transform dreams into a reality, Once at the end, you can view the whole sum. Be patient withContinue reading “It is Being You While Applying”

Senses Slowly Heighten

Senses slowly heighten Confused with present and past Continue trying As I regain senses in my body, I am overwhelmed with how it feels and the ties to the past that it uncovers. My mind can’t grasp the full picture, but my soul knows that I’m moving forward. All I can do is experience itContinue reading “Senses Slowly Heighten”