Experience Filled with Adversity

There’s no reason for propriety  In an experience filled with adversity  It’s easier to accept things as they are  And respect what is reality    It’s a season for something new  There’s no denying that it’s true  Embrace the new opportunities  Allow them to become a part of you 


  What is honesty and why is it a valuable quality to maintain? Honesty is the principle of being truthful and sincere. It is a valuable quality to maintain for our character because it helps us to remain receptive to life. Without honesty, a person will lose sight of their person. Deceit will bombard theContinue reading “Honesty”

Just Find Out What It is All About

“Openly listen and hear the reasons out; don’t judge, just find out what it is all about.” -Astrid Hardjana-Large We often form a personal expectation with the hope of gaining the things we want but this also leads us to make assumptions based on our outlook that leads us away from the truth. It isContinue reading “Just Find Out What It is All About”