Be Honest or Vulnerable?

Recently, I’ve studied vulnerability to explore who I am and how I want to be. I strive to connect with the world as best as I can and have always believed open honesty is the best policy. Definitions: Honesty (n) 1. Quality or fact of being honest 2. Truthfulness, sincerity or frankness 3. Freedom fromContinue reading “Be Honest or Vulnerable?”

Search for the Truth

See an object and A can see it red, Perhaps even say that it seems surreal. The same object and B sees it as blue, Choosing to say that it appears abstract. Tomorrow, they may both see it purple And no matter the perspective, there’s truth.   Clouds of perception often covers truth. There’s choiceContinue reading “Search for the Truth”

A Story About Life

This video by Fearless Soul resonates with a message we all need to hear in these uncertain times. It renewed my faith in the power found within and gives me confidence that all will be well.  No matter what we face, Life is a mystery filled with gifts to help us grow. We may notContinue reading “A Story About Life”

Bare and Exposed

Bare and exposed to the world’s eye Defenseless and not feeling shy Honest and pure for perception Welcomed spirit in reception Knowledge given gently and doesn’t feel imposed Open gifts to observe, offered bare and exposed   Vulnerable, though still prepared Adventure starts making one scared Many horizons to explore Passion igniting and implores KeepContinue reading “Bare and Exposed”

Embrace Aging as an Adventure

I’ve never been a fan of fearing aging and I love how Carl Honore takes apart the stereotypes of aging with a truth I’ve always believed in. Whatever stage in life we face, we are here to be alive, which means there’s always opportunity to grow. Whatever growth we encounter is the improvement made nowContinue reading “Embrace Aging as an Adventure”