Time to Redeem Herself

She stands straight and tall, Though deep inside, she’s crumbling. She wants to grow but feels small. -Too many expectations she’s been jumbling-   She wears a mask of courage and cheer, Not knowing others can sense her struggle. She wants acceptance but feels fear. -Too many life issues to juggle-   She tries toContinue reading “Time to Redeem Herself”


What does it mean to be authentic and what purpose can it serve an individual? Being authentic is to be a genuine person who is confident to assert their true nature. Authenticity expresses an unquestionable assurance in character and it’s favorable because it emanates a trustworthy, honest virtue that isn’t tainted by falsehood. An authenticContinue reading “Authentic”

Be Honest or Vulnerable?

Recently, I’ve studied vulnerability to explore who I am and how I want to be. I strive to connect with the world as best as I can and have always believed open honesty is the best policy. Definitions: Honesty (n) 1. Quality or fact of being honest 2. Truthfulness, sincerity or frankness 3. Freedom fromContinue reading “Be Honest or Vulnerable?”

Search for the Truth

See an object and A can see it red, Perhaps even say that it seems surreal. The same object and B sees it as blue, Choosing to say that it appears abstract. Tomorrow, they may both see it purple And no matter the perspective, there’s truth.   Clouds of perception often covers truth. There’s choiceContinue reading “Search for the Truth”