Courage, Whether Loud or Quiet

Inspired by “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” -Winston Churchill It takes courage to stand and speak It’s wise to know your ground Whether loud or quiet, you are not weak Take time to observe the sounds Get a feelContinue reading “Courage, Whether Loud or Quiet”

My Liberating Truth

When I went in for brain surgery six years ago, I carried 24 years of head-banging onto the table. In the months prior to brain surgery, I hit my head on the curb twice and fell down a flight of tile stairs. There was no way for anyone to be certain of what would be.Continue reading “My Liberating Truth”

Strive for Adversity

Without hardship, We would not consider what we already have. Ease would goop into a lazy haze And hard earned skills would be forgotten. -Strive for adversity-   Without failure, We would glide and rise without knowing. Height would pressure us into a messy crumble And lessons would slip away to become unknown. -Strive forContinue reading “Strive for Adversity”

Time to Redeem Herself

She stands straight and tall, Though deep inside, she’s crumbling. She wants to grow but feels small. -Too many expectations she’s been jumbling-   She wears a mask of courage and cheer, Not knowing others can sense her struggle. She wants acceptance but feels fear. -Too many life issues to juggle-   She tries toContinue reading “Time to Redeem Herself”