Search for Truth Instead of Story: Spoken Word

I will continue to search for truth instead of story, The dramas of people trying to journey hold no significance to me. It is not my responsibility to know and resolve all, It is my responsibility to know myself and connect with reality. ~I will continue to search for truth instead of story~ I trustContinue reading “Search for Truth Instead of Story: Spoken Word”

Accepting Truth and Embracing Reality

When I first started to recover from my stroke, I didn’t want to allow myself to believe that my disability would prevent me from my dreams. At the time, I hadn’t realized the full truth of my being. I was still believing in the illusion that a life without epilepsy meant that I could beContinue reading “Accepting Truth and Embracing Reality”

Loved Just As You Are

Eleanor came home from high school feeling tired and out of place. She knew she was supposed to figure out what she wanted and where she wanted to be, but she couldn’t sort her thoughts after listening to her classmates.  In one class, students spoke of university and what they wanted to be for theirContinue reading “Loved Just As You Are”