Open Up Your Heart

Open up your heart Follow the unknown with trust Unwrap mysteries Take one wonder at a time Become better for yourself I feel that an important step to awareness is the willingness to open our hearts. It’s a step of uncertainty and leads us to the beauty of the unknown when we trust and followContinue reading “Open Up Your Heart”

Be Strong, Inner Child

Be strong, inner child Be strong and courageous To place trust in you Will prove to be advantageous There will be much you can’t do Making life ambiguous It’s always so when it’s new Until you choose to be ambitious Be strong, inner child For trust in you fuels my soul With your dreams andContinue reading “Be Strong, Inner Child”

April, Month of Simple and Complex

For the month of April, I’ve chosen the contrast of simple and complex as my theme for the month. I find that simple and complex are concepts that are viewed as competitors when they are teammates intended to form the big picture. In my experience, hardship had the tendency to tempt me with defeat andContinue reading “April, Month of Simple and Complex”

How to Live Before You Die In this speech, Steve Jobs shares beautiful experiences and wisdom to graduates and it’s perfect for everyone looking to start anew. It’s never too late to begin again and discover new joys in life.