When the Time is Right

Strength will be found From the valleys within when the time is right   A flower flourishes with beauty and flare, Giving reasons to stare when the time is right   A caterpillar struggles to make possible a flight, Then shares beautiful wings to sight when the time is right   Tadpoles swim the waterContinue reading “When the Time is Right”

Everybody Has a Turn in Life

Everybody has a turn in life  Even though they’re unsure of when The time may not be when the desire is high  It may happen when they’re feeling most shy    Moments aren’t given because they’re wanted  They’re accomplishments for earning  The efforts may all be placed now, for the future  Await your turn uponContinue reading “Everybody Has a Turn in Life”

A Timeline

A timeline of memories and events Dissipates as time flies by They pass without reflection  But what do they all represent?    Take a walk and look down memory lane  Reflect upon contentment  Celebrate tribulations  Both good and bad has kept you sane   There’s never one moment to just remain  When there’s more to discover  EverythingContinue reading “A Timeline”