Follow What Showers Success

In honor of World Sparrow Day Inspired by content from Cherish the time you possess, Focus on what adds value, Follow what showers success. Listen for the whispers that are true, Embrace life with honesty, Focus on what adds value. Approach what you face with creativity, Be wise in how you spend your energy,Continue reading “Follow What Showers Success”

The Joy of Living: Spoken Word

Failure is not the opposite of, it is a part of success. Fear not the unexpected, Be open to all that emerges, Every occurrence deserves to be accepted. ~Failure is not the opposite of, it is a part of success ~ Growth needs to be respected, Life offers in surprising splurges, Mistakes further life’s value,Continue reading “The Joy of Living: Spoken Word”

It’s About the Journey

Motivation to proceed on a journey is aroused when an achievement is determined. When purpose is clarified, acceptance of opportunities comes readily. Consciousness of desire should never lead to the expectation that hard work only pertains to a single goal, life offers various circumstances that appear to distract from purpose but evolve into lessons neededContinue reading “It’s About the Journey”

Happy 2023!

Happy New Year! In celebration of a new year and eight years of my self-discovery, I’m dedicating January to my favorite trait: perseverance. I’m going to mix posts of old and new as a way of celebrating my full self and appreciating all that my life has offered me. May all New Year resolutions beContinue reading “Happy 2023!”

Believe to Achieve

Believe to achieve Explore whatever peaks your curiosity Sort through everything that comes your way Stay calm when Life’s velocity Believe to achieve Allow failure to heighten your luminosity Count your blessings every day You are your own entity Believe to achieve You are what you perceive I’ve created another poetry form for myself. IContinue reading “Believe to Achieve”