Believe to Achieve

Believe to achieve Explore whatever peaks your curiosity Sort through everything that comes your way Stay calm when Life’s velocity Believe to achieve Allow failure to heighten your luminosity Count your blessings every day You are your own entity Believe to achieve You are what you perceive I’ve created another poetry form for myself. IContinue reading “Believe to Achieve”

Silence is Patience in Observation

Though our world teaches us that immediate action is success and conviction, I find that to be a false illusion. Reactive responses are filled with fear and uncertainty and leads to more mishaps if time isn’t accepted to absorb what is and determine where we stand. In times when accomplishments rush our way, it’s easyContinue reading “Silence is Patience in Observation”

Accomplishment Without Credit

Adam loved to paint, his passion was to capture nature’s beauty and to inspire viewers to appreciate the world. He wasn’t concerned to earn from his work, he only wanted to enjoy his passion while providing inspiration. He started a blog to share his work and felt rewarded with every like or comment received. ItContinue reading “Accomplishment Without Credit”

Beauty or Wealth

A perspective you choose to trust; Be pretty and wealthy, a must. Are you happy following trends? Is it true success that it lends? Always listen to your heart and be respective Decide after reflecting on a perspective Start from within before you strive, Search your heart for an inner drive. Hardships are always possible,Continue reading “Beauty or Wealth”

Journey to Succeed

The various paths so you can succeed; First element is to find a focus, With it, life is easier to accept. -To gain in full, remember to feel- There are many moments to reconnect, All experiences help you to know. When you take the journey to learn and know, You are striving high so youContinue reading “Journey to Succeed”