Every Progression is Like a Seizure

As I reflect on my recovery, I think about how every bit of progress can stumble me to question what’s happening. Piecing my past and reality together, progression reminds me of the seizures I had. Obviously very different in nature and speed, but similar in how they throw me off the course I think IContinue reading “Every Progression is Like a Seizure”

The Phoenix is Grateful for All

Let the fire burn, Let the senses smolder into consciousness. The phoenix shall rise above the flames, To search for where she belongs. Let the path unwind with process, Let discovery become reality. The phoenix shall fly through every experience, To understand who she is and where she wants to be. Let experience be life’sContinue reading “The Phoenix is Grateful for All”

Could Circulation be Back?

After almost eight years, I believe I felt circulation back in my left leg. My foot was burning but the sensations felt like chills. Hmm, could it have been building all this time? I was shocked to have my right side feeling cold and my left side warming it up. That is backwards from theContinue reading “Could Circulation be Back?”

The One That Bears It

A goose egg lies beneath silken hair, Hidden from vision And unfelt beyond the one that bears it. It holds memories and injury That continues beyond the moment, And haunts the one that bears it. It is something that isn’t spoken of, That cannot and could not be controlled And has brought experience only enjoyedContinue reading “The One That Bears It”

To Heal

To heal is to feel pain To search in darkness for light To meet oneself with understanding And be open to growth without refrain I write these words to reflect on an advancement in my recovery. My leg started to develop wanted walking actions (knee bend, hip alignment, balanced weight distribution) and it caused anContinue reading “To Heal”