Going Forward Will Relieve: Spoken Word

Facing endeavors with immense hope All is well until you see a steep slope Uncertainty rises as you strive to believe Courageous faith helps you cope Strength to go forth and simply believe Knowing that it’s possible to achieve Patient faith revitalizes perseverance Going forward will relieve

Search for Truth Instead of Story: Spoken Word

I will continue to search for truth instead of story, The dramas of people trying to journey hold no significance to me. It is not my responsibility to know and resolve all, It is my responsibility to know myself and connect with reality. ~I will continue to search for truth instead of story~ I trustContinue reading “Search for Truth Instead of Story: Spoken Word”

I am Becoming: Spoken Word

I am becoming. I have no particular way to be, I follow what moves my heart with value. Change is inevitable, I won’t remain as you see me, I am becoming. I view my journey of life as a personal entity, I am moved to continually search for what feels true. What life is toContinue reading “I am Becoming: Spoken Word”