What is the Purpose in Abusing Mother Earth?

What is the purpose of economic growth, If it ultimately kills the species of our land? What is the purpose in abusing Mother Earth, When respect is withdrawn for an upper hand?   Without a habitat filled with peace and respect, There would be no sense of security Is chaos and illness what we wantContinue reading “What is the Purpose in Abusing Mother Earth?”

The Beauty of Not-Knowing

The beauty of not-knowing, The art of never being wrong or right. The challenge to never search for what could be showing, The beauty of not-knowing. Be content as Life is flowing, Being correct isn’t worth a fight. The beauty of not-knowing, The art of never being wrong or right.   The admittance of not-knowingContinue reading “The Beauty of Not-Knowing”

Stop Asking Why

Asking why The struggle for legitimacy Food for the ego Barrier against intimacy   Letting go The journey to complete acceptance Chance to discover Without guessing preset relevance   Knowing why The campaign towards self-confidence Soul’s strong connection Awakening dormant competence   Live fully Without stopping and wondering why Trust and be joyful Grateful forContinue reading “Stop Asking Why”

When I Openly Share

When I openly share, It becomes reality and A greater part of me.   I’m contributing to care, Walking with it hand in hand When I openly share.   Don’t look at me so critically, When you don’t understand, I choose to share a greater part of me.   To be open is always aContinue reading “When I Openly Share”