What is determination and how does it assist a person to proceed in life? Determination is a conviction a person holds for an ambition. A spirit that requires continuous loyalty to uphold its potential for durability. Determination assists a person to proceed in life because it is a focused motivation that inspires action. With anContinue reading “Determination”


What is perseverance and is it a valuable quality to attain? Within the Journey of Life, perseverance is the ability to continue the journey despite the obstacles that emerge. A perseverant individual possesses a persistent spirit and is willing to endure the diverse experiences that life offers them. With the mentality to proceed, an individualContinue reading “Perseverance”

My Responsibility in Life’s Continuation

Riding the currents in the sky, Gliding by with wings spread wide. Engulfed by the sights that protrude my vision, Absorbing the vastness of what Life entails. Floating in directions beyond the horizon, Soaring with confidence in what will be. Assured that all have a role to play, Accepting the simplicity of Life’s wonders CenteringContinue reading “My Responsibility in Life’s Continuation”