My Responsibility in Life’s Continuation

Riding the currents in the sky, Gliding by with wings spread wide. Engulfed by the sights that protrude my vision, Absorbing the vastness of what Life entails. Floating in directions beyond the horizon, Soaring with confidence in what will be. Assured that all have a role to play, Accepting the simplicity of Life’s wonders CenteringContinue reading “My Responsibility in Life’s Continuation”

We are Sharing in the Life That Sustains

Under your branches, -Amidst the singing leaves- I am cooled by your shadow As we share our breath. I am taking from you, As you are giving to me, We are sharing in the life that sustains. Divinity starts within your roots, -Shared in the air that surrounds- I am enchanted by your beauty AndContinue reading “We are Sharing in the Life That Sustains”