Sharing Love

Joanna’s mother, an early childhood educator, spent her free time collecting craft supplies and searching the internet for innovative projects. Joanna was used to being her mother’s craft guinea pig and wondered what made her mother work so hard. “Joanna! Honey! Will you come with me to the dollar store?” her mother yelled one afternoon.Continue reading “Sharing Love”

Ideas are Seeds Shared

Ideas are seeds shared, Not always vital for growth, Yet, expressions to show that one cares. Spirit is love being distributed. Sometimes it appears clouded, Yet, always requires effort to contribute. Intentions are first steps, Toddle steps to make a difference, Yet, hold potential to grow with depth. I’ve lived my life feeling filled withContinue reading “Ideas are Seeds Shared”

You Are Not Alone in Your Loneliness

I love how Jonny speaks of how sharing on the internet is a way to express ourselves, learn about others and realize how similar and connected we all are. We never know where we, or our work, are meant to land but to post and share is a way to maintain our connection to ourContinue reading “You Are Not Alone in Your Loneliness”