Let Go of Trauma

Anguish dwelled upon creates more anguish. Pains from past held onto develops more pain. Wishes without soul are hollow wishes. Refrain from acceptance, meet more refrain. Shock unwelcomed will remain as a shock. Damage nurtured will fester more damage. Smock what is, knowing life can’t wear a smock. Stage what was to forever live thatContinue reading “Let Go of Trauma”

Love Will Continue Trying

Maddened am I when you appear maddened Confused spirits, your response is confused Saddened is all when your ways are saddened Refused by myself, you all but refused Darkness ascends as your love’s in darkness Hope fades as there’s no more light to fuel hope Wholeness is lost in the search for wholeness Scope ofContinue reading “Love Will Continue Trying”

Achieve Yourself

Face the darkness, awake with a new face. Search for new to continue your growth search. Embrace the unknown to feel Life’s embrace, Lurch with confidence to understand Life’s lurch. Find an abyss that offers more to find, Dig to uncover and find your next dig. Aligned, it won’t be, until you’re aligned, Rig withContinue reading “Achieve Yourself”