A New Sense of Peace

There are days when darkness brings storms And hope anticipates rainbows. The feeling brings a sense of disorder, Commencing the search for peace. What was is slowly withering Making way for what needs to be blooming.   Seeds were planted and are slowly blooming Fed abundantly by the rain storms The past season is witheringContinue reading “A New Sense of Peace”

Lasting Love

Through the search for the meaning of love They yearn for something that will last forever Once trust is set, they aim for togetherness They strive diligently for their union Side by side, they face diversity as lifelong friends Partners, they vow to inspire each other for life   A commitment they forge for life Persistent efforts for their foundContinue reading “Lasting Love”

Elements of Life

Flow through all circumstances like water Calmly whisper your thoughts like air Support your roots like the earth Give goals a heated chase like fire Balance your senses in the heat Find a comfort, even in the cold   There’s no reason to avoid the cold For even ice is another form of water There’sContinue reading “Elements of Life”


Upon a journey commencing with dreams There are many pieces to find and build What is it that you wish to create? Are you prepared to follow life streams? Can ideas form a strong guild? Continuous efforts allow wisdom to permeate   Experiences offer knowledge to permeate Adding maturity to one’s dreams What was impossibleContinue reading “Dreams”