Remain in Synch

Sometimes, with too many issues to raise Finding the right answer becomes a duel Though with good intentions to be in sync There’s no avoidance of life feeling dual With all the comparisons, our souls sink Succumbing to darkness, waiting for rays On a brand new day, the sun shines it’s rays From the comfortContinue reading “Remain in Synch”

Every Journey is a Grand Adventure

What to think when diagnosed with illness? The end-goal wanted is recovery. No one feels ready for the adventure, Not certain they can last the whole journey. Along the way, they face uncertainty, Gather courage to make discovery. Each new venture offers discovery. Throughout, it feels like a mental illness, Body and soul plagued withContinue reading “Every Journey is a Grand Adventure”

Embrace Being Stirred

Imagine the peace when all life is calm It’d be our longing when life’s chaotic Search for a place that’s serene and quiet To drown the chatter that has gotten loud Concentrate to realign and be still Nobody wants to have emotions stirred Even when all is going well, life’s stirred And commotion makes distanceContinue reading “Embrace Being Stirred”

Journey to Succeed

The various paths so you can succeed; First element is to find a focus, With it, life is easier to accept. -To gain in full, remember to feel- There are many moments to reconnect, All experiences help you to know. When you take the journey to learn and know, You are striving high so youContinue reading “Journey to Succeed”

Follow the Heir

In Spring, the birds’ whistles sang through the air The growth of new life would be fed by rain Gardens were started, taking on their rows Families excited for their new heir New parents were learning to test their reign Life is exciting as the spirits rose Everyone stopped to smile at the rose TookContinue reading “Follow the Heir”