The Comfort of Ewe

White and fluffy, yet definitely ewe, She’s abundantly giving, though not him. Her heart may be his but can she be ours? Perhaps, if we sing her a loving hymn. My heart’s calling, I’m reaching out to you, I’d have our minutes turned into hours.   Enjoyment helps pass the time in hours, I’m lostContinue reading “The Comfort of Ewe”

Full Potential

Foresee the wonders in full potential, Unite and bond with the environment. Bring awareness to the beauty of Life, Make a new beginning with acceptance Strengthen your friendship with Mother Nature, You, with the world, make a reconnection.   Don’t turn away from a reconnection, Recognize what is for full potential. Appreciatively explore nature, LovinglyContinue reading “Full Potential”

Young Animal Friendship

A group of young animals had a moose, Who loved to include a jolly brown bear. The two loved to munch on sweets and some mousse But not their friend, the gentle and calm deer. The three young best friends held each other dear, And they came together open and bare.   Thoughts and feelingsContinue reading “Young Animal Friendship”

A Winning Board

The ambition was to have a winning board, To make it through despite the doubtful mist. It’s often hard to stay on the right course. When it felt like routine, they became bored, Letting important details to get missed And causing the journey to feel more coarse.   In moments, when it felt extremely coarse,Continue reading “A Winning Board”