Remain Conscious to Choose

Waking to the sun in a sky so blue, While sitting and enjoying cereal. Thoughts cascading as one silently chews, Calendar has days in a serial. The page could simply flip if the wind blew, Which month to prefer if we’re told to choose? So many decisions from which to choose, Enjoyment first to preventContinue reading “Remain Conscious to Choose”

Enjoyment on a Farm

Grazing fields, time to relax for a horse. Bugs buzzing about, we hope they’re not fleas. Imagine the loss when the fields go bald, The strong winds blow and old debris flees. In old times of sadness I would’ve bawled, It would be hard to call out, throat felt hoarse. There are times when lifeContinue reading “Enjoyment on a Farm”

Go Green

Many innovative ways to Go Green. Despite wanting abundance, please refuse. Purchase greatness, and remember, reuse. Foods you no longer eat, in compost, rots. Items can have double lives, recycle. Sometimes, it’s just too much stuff, please reduce. A small step that’s worthy is to reduce, Creative mindsets help us to Go Green. It’s notContinue reading “Go Green”

Remain in Synch

Sometimes, with too many issues to raise Finding the right answer becomes a duel Though with good intentions to be in sync There’s no avoidance of life feeling dual With all the comparisons, our souls sink Succumbing to darkness, waiting for rays On a brand new day, the sun shines it’s rays From the comfortContinue reading “Remain in Synch”