Only Go So Far

“You can only go so far, while remaining who you are.”- Astrid Hardjana-Large   Every person will live their life and find a dream that they wish to go after. Our dreams can appear possible when we view others who are accomplishing our wanted goals but a person can only go as far as theyContinue reading “Only Go So Far”

It is Normal to be Different

What is “normal”? How do we each perceive it? What makes us think that difference is not the “norm”? I have lived my life thinking that my difference in life has been my medical issues but as I journey and experience, I realize that it can be a lot more and it is not somethingContinue reading “It is Normal to be Different”


It is often perceived that happiness will be reached when our wanted goals are reached but this is not a truth because as a person journeys towards their wanted goal, they will be encountering many changes that will provide them some growth as a person and alters the things that makes them happy. I believeContinue reading “Happiness”

Your Actual Place

Submitted to┬ádVerse You’re on your own adventure You’re on your own path You run into many things Even moments that are laughs You often face challenges Lessons that are great Things that feel very new But still a chance to relate Don’t ever choose to give up Your actual place It’s a place for youContinue reading “Your Actual Place”