Find Balance and Fairness in Any Resolution

Inspired by content found at Despite the necessity of taking one step at a time, There is more than one way of looking at things. Make a choice for the moment, Find balance and fairness in any resolution. There is more than one way of looking at things, Let go of your fear. FindContinue reading “Find Balance and Fairness in Any Resolution”

Liberation From the Self to Find True Value

Inspired by “The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.” -Albert Einstein Thoughts dictate to aim for perfection Emotions call for a form to fit Dreams pull towards the unknown Value is rooted, yet buried deep ~Liberation from the self toContinue reading “Liberation From the Self to Find True Value”

Everything Happens for a Reason

Are you a believer in this statement? Personally, I do believe in this statement overall but how one deals with a situation will affect its meaning. In the past, when a situation was overwhelming, I made the mistake of immediately banking in this belief. By stating that it was happening for a reason and notContinue reading “Everything Happens for a Reason”