What is sacrifice and why is it an important action to perform in life? Sacrifice is the choice to surrender to cause an advance and it is an important action to perform in life because success is achieved through a willingness to endure hardship. A privilege can’t be expected without deliberate efforts to obtain it.Continue reading “Sacrifice”

No Timeline for Recovery

There is no timeline for recovery, It’s an adventure for discovery. Try everything that makes you feel good, And you will prove that you could.   Accept it, go slow and steady, All will be well when you’re ready. Pay attention when shown what could be, And continue striving happily.   There is no timelineContinue reading “No Timeline for Recovery”

Time to Redeem Herself

She stands straight and tall, Though deep inside, she’s crumbling. She wants to grow but feels small. -Too many expectations she’s been jumbling-   She wears a mask of courage and cheer, Not knowing others can sense her struggle. She wants acceptance but feels fear. -Too many life issues to juggle-   She tries toContinue reading “Time to Redeem Herself”

Get to Know Your True Self

It doesn’t matter what they are thinking You have to think of yourself Get to know what is needed Get to know your true self Remember to work with your own person Be truthful with what you need Welcome your own difference Get to know what life feeds It can be hard to find understandingContinue reading “Get to Know Your True Self”