Your Dreams Will Come True

Inspired by content from Are you responding to the surrounding circumstances with your heart? Make sure that you are grounded in your heart, Scratch the surface of your emotions to see what lies underneath, Continuous effort is the key to unlocking all your potential. Make sure that you are grounded in your heart, TheContinue reading “Your Dreams Will Come True”

Always with Me and Worth Loving

~There’s nothing to prove to another and everything to gain for who I’m becoming. ~ Not all that a person holds is externally recognized, There is only one who knows the full story on every level. By listening internally, our truth will be realized. ~There’s nothing to prove to another and everything to gain forContinue reading “Always with Me and Worth Loving”

I am Not Alone on My Journey

I was a scrap piece, I need to feel loved. Help me see purpose, Lead me where you may. ~ I am not alone on my journey ~ Soft breeze whispering, Make space for the greatness of all. An abundance of love surrounds you, Lighting the night sky. The first lines of poems I postedContinue reading “I am Not Alone on My Journey”

Take It As Is

Recover, Without a set plan, Aim to discover anew. Drop the pressure, Take it as is. Live your life, No expectations. Set only your heart’s call, Honest in thought, Pure intentions. As I have now chosen to continue my recovery without a set plan, I find that there is more chance for discovery and lessContinue reading “Take It As Is”

Faith Remains

Faith remains, Incentive for growth, Anchor that grounds in challenges. Found within me Fuel for the soul Thoughts scatter, Awakens questions. ~Search for what feels right will hold me~ Discovering, Awakening. Lost, a stage, For revelation. An adventure while not-knowing, New beginnings, Growth by trying. I wrote this thinking about how grateful I am toContinue reading “Faith Remains”