Performance Show: Spoken Word Poetry

This is a poem I posted in 2019 about my experience with mental health. My life with neurological problems gave me my moments. Balance is hard to keep when you believe the positive and are fed the negative, the contrast too overwhelming to bear. I believe that moments of mental madness are passages to realization.Continue reading “Performance Show: Spoken Word Poetry”

The Adrenaline of Hardship

It pushes you to uncover, It believes in the potential you hold. It encourages you to take ownership, It’s there to set a test -The adrenaline of hardship, The joy of living- Without it, you wouldn’t go further. Without it, you wouldn’t discover yourself. Without it, you wouldn’t have experiences to own, Hardship is thereContinue reading “The Adrenaline of Hardship”

I Will Find What I’m Seeking

Seeking out more when perfection begins leaking, Staying mobile without moving with urgency. Exploring beyond, enjoying multiple realms, Remaining aware to whatever is peeking. Absorbing slowly, avoiding what overwhelms, Take time to celebrate personal currency. No matter the path, I will find what I’m seeking. This poem is using a new poetry form I’ve createdContinue reading “I Will Find What I’m Seeking”