Old Habits Die Hard

Old habits die hard Small comforts of past control Move forth to gain growth Everyone has moments when habits and routines need to be reviewed. Old habits die hard because they are comfortable peaks of control. To accept change is to let go of control, move forth to find something new and to welcome whatContinue reading “Old Habits Die Hard”

Strength: Spoken Word

Strength resides within Beyond all levels of destruction It cannot be forgotten with the past Its embedded in the soul It perseveres and is made to last The journey is long Replete with confusion and dismay It isn’t intended for aversion It’s a purpose to contend Experience your soul’s conversion An individual’s strength resides withinContinue reading “Strength: Spoken Word”

Success is in the Experience of the Beholder

As I ponder the various perspectives on success, I believe that success is an art and can only be determined by the beholder. We’re surrounded by stories about what success is but each person holds different tales in their mind and through experience, they will determine if it is a success for their person. I’mContinue reading “Success is in the Experience of the Beholder”

Embrace Fear and Follow It Forward

Don’t turn away from fear to avoid what is. Don’t scramble for explanation when it is only you that needs to understand. Open your heart to the realization, Drift amidst the storm trusting where it takes you. ~Fear indicates that you’re ready to go further~ Drift in the what-ifs fear presents. Open your heart toContinue reading “Embrace Fear and Follow It Forward”