Avoid pain, Void experience. Challenges strengthen your resolve, Embrace what is, Experience. Discomfort, Heightens the senses. Opens crevices once unknown, New discovery, Experience. I wrote this poem reflecting on the pain I’m tempted to avoid feeling in my left foot but know I must get used to. It made me relate to all times ofContinue reading “Experience”

A Dream Into Reality

It all starts with a dream with purpose, A vision that’s easily shaken by uncertainty. A seed in need of nourishment to grow, A sprout that requires attention to blossom. An eventual bloom that will mesmerize. ~ Have you ever finished an endeavor by stopping to review all the steps taken? ~ It ends asContinue reading “A Dream Into Reality”

Making Every Experience Precious

Speak aloud to make yourself conscious, Acknowledge all your thoughts and feelings. Share it with the universe, Don’t get caught up in what you’re experiencing. Speak aloud to make yourself conscious, Let all that you experience have the chance to ring. Welcome all life offers to be diverse, Remain open to all without deciding. SpeakContinue reading “Making Every Experience Precious”

Great Abundance is Upon You

In honor of World Hippopotamus Day. Inspired by content from https://www.spirit-animals.com/hippopotamus-symbolism/ If you have become bored with your life, You have the creative power to stir things up Find contentment and satisfaction in your wealth Great abundance is upon you. Great abundance is upon you, Take time to dream your dreams. You have the creativeContinue reading “Great Abundance is Upon You”

An Emotional Moment

An emotional moment is the beginning, It isn’t an indication of the end. Anger roared is like a dragon’s breath burning, An emotional moment is the beginning. The rain falls as the soul is searching, Mind and soul, together, struggle to comprehend. An emotional moment is the beginning, It isn’t an indication of the end.