Gratitude is Healthy

In honor of National Panda Day Inspired by content from Gratitude is healthy for the spirit and mind, Give thanks to all the awesome that surrounds you. Appreciate to shift the balance towards more, Keep focused on what is true. Gratitude is healthy for the spirit and mind, There is no other who canContinue reading “Gratitude is Healthy”

Inner Strength

Inner strength doesn’t radiate when a person is most proficient, It’s displayed in the moments when we are most inefficient. They will strive to demonstrate their competence, But strength prevails when enduring impotence. Finality may appear to be the prize, But it is the journey that assists you to realize. Take the time to knowContinue reading “Inner Strength”

A Bottle of Soda

A bottle of soda, Capped externally to preserve my splendor, Sitting in darkness and cold, Life passes by when I don’t meet needs. Sometimes picked up, Sometimes pushed away, My bubbles await a chance to be free. If lucky, I’ll be picked up with enthusiasm, Given a small shake, And the confining cap lifted. IContinue reading “A Bottle of Soda”