December, Month of Enjoyment

For the month of December, and my last monthly theme, I’ve chosen enjoyment as my theme. To me, enjoyment is about connecting to my inner peace. In whatever circumstance I find myself in, I am in enjoyment when I give myself time to be conscious of my feelings and thoughts in the moment.  Throughout myContinue reading “December, Month of Enjoyment”

3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Everything You Do

I found Stacey Abrams’ speech to be a motivation to continue knowing myself and the purpose behind my actions. Understanding, of ourselves and our surroundings, moves us forward and makes it possible to meet all obstacles.  There are always possibilities when we take time to connect with our selves.

Generosity of Spirit

Generosity isn’t only about giving material items or sharing what others can track. Sometimes, participating in the small acts that others overlook or just sharing spirit is the best way to give and enjoy abundance. In my life, I encountered many people who turned away from leftovers and small tasks that earned little recognition. IContinue reading “Generosity of Spirit”

You Can Connect

You can connect without being professional Knowledge isn’t the only power It starts with intention And grows with faith You can connect without being famous Abundant attention isn’t the only way It speaks with action And progresses with patience You can connect without full understanding A seed takes time to grow It starts with aContinue reading “You Can Connect”

Remain in Synch

Sometimes, with too many issues to raise Finding the right answer becomes a duel Though with good intentions to be in sync There’s no avoidance of life feeling dual With all the comparisons, our souls sink Succumbing to darkness, waiting for rays On a brand new day, the sun shines it’s rays From the comfortContinue reading “Remain in Synch”