Achieve Yourself

Face the darkness, awake with a new face. Search for new to continue your growth search. Embrace the unknown to feel Life’s embrace, Lurch with confidence to understand Life’s lurch. Find an abyss that offers more to find, Dig to uncover and find your next dig. Aligned, it won’t be, until you’re aligned, Rig withContinue reading “Achieve Yourself”

Mindset is Everything

Mindset is everything. Success isn’t about whether your perceived outcome comes true. It’s about the effort you place into your purpose, It expresses your alignment with your purpose. Mindset is everything. Success is born from the vision you choose to believe in. It’s what ignites your endeavor with faith, It expresses your accomplishment before itContinue reading “Mindset is Everything”

Accepting Truth and Embracing Reality

When I first started to recover from my stroke, I didn’t want to allow myself to believe that my disability would prevent me from my dreams. At the time, I hadn’t realized the full truth of my being. I was still believing in the illusion that a life without epilepsy meant that I could beContinue reading “Accepting Truth and Embracing Reality”