Be Who You Ought To Be

Zoey grew up being told to become a doctor, but she chose to fulfill her calling and not her parents’ wishes. She became an artist. Though she was happy with her choice, she was haunted by her parents’ expectations and the doubts that they brewed. When Zoey watched her son, Elijah, she always imagined himContinue reading “Be Who You Ought To Be”

Believe to Achieve

Believe to achieve Explore whatever peaks your curiosity Sort through everything that comes your way Stay calm when Life’s velocity Believe to achieve Allow failure to heighten your luminosity Count your blessings every day You are your own entity Believe to achieve You are what you perceive I’ve created another poetry form for myself. IContinue reading “Believe to Achieve”

Go Find the Essence

Go find the essence of your fears, It’s a journey clouded by tears. A darkness to experience, -Searching hard for life’s relevance- The path can seem bleak and austere, Though not all is as it appears. We long to forget and return to cheer Scared to find out where the journey steers It takes timeContinue reading “Go Find the Essence”