Rainbow Butterfly

Look beyond and be courageous Concentrate to catch a new light Stare into the beauty of creation What was a butterfly, could transform Look at you as a cat’s face While crafting, be ambiguous Capture whatever’s in your sight Flow with your imagination Explore techniques to find a form What’s gets marked won’t be erasedContinue reading “Rainbow Butterfly”

Enough with Gratitude

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Aesop   For whatever we’ve been told to need, It distracts from what’s already there. When we choose to recognize with gratitude, What was once small will feel abundant. Recognize and understand before you turn.   No matter how miniscule the start of the seed, Appreciate itContinue reading “Enough with Gratitude”

Fail to Succeed as You

Caught in the hype with enthusiasm Charged with belief and love Running towards a mystic dream Attempting to abandon reality Opening the door to what’s true   Disappointment awakens in spasms Subtle messages from up above Life is not as it should seem It’s time to accept actuality Discover what Life intended for you  Continue reading “Fail to Succeed as You”